Westport PR Firm Finds Israeli Tech Niche

If you missed a recent copy of the Connecticut Jewish Ledger — or somehow never saw it — you are unaware of this story:

A Westport PR firm is a global leader in introducing Israel-based tech firms to the American public.

Sure, it sounds like a niche. But there are more than 250 Israeli startups in New York City alone.

Deb Montner

Deb Montner

“Israel has more active startups per capita than any foreign country,” says Deb Montner. “Israeli entrepreneurs need a foothold in the US to sell their solutions, and US investors to fund them.”

Montner is a co-founder and principal of Montner Tech PR. According to the Ledger, since 1998 the firm has helped create markets for bank card chips, e-passports, mobile phones, and identity credentials.

Montner Tech offers services including launching a company, pre-round buzz, run-up to an IPO, brand repositioning and a strong exit.

PR is a tough field. Tech startups are everywhere; each one must fight hard to be heard. And Israeli clients, Montner says, “do set the performance bar high.”

But, she notes, “once you accomplish the end result — I think the Hebrew term is po’al yotse — you are rewarded with appreciation, loyalty and business referrals.”

From Deb Montner’s lips to God’s ears.

(To read the entire Connecticut Jewish Ledger story, click here.)


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