Craning For A Different View

Japan is known for 1,000 cranes.

Westport is getting close.

This was the scene a few minutes ago, at the Bedford Square project downtown:

Cranes - downtown Westport - January 11, 2015

7 responses to “Craning For A Different View

  1. Mary Schmerker, Staples 1958

    It looks like some sort of a bird on the lookout for it’s next meal. All kidding aside, about a month ago traffic was diverted by police where I live now because it was windy and they were worried about a crane toppling over.

  2. John F. (J-period) Wandres

    What you’re looking at is a mobile concrete pumping truck. The Transit-Mix trucks pull up to this vehicle. The liquid concrete is pumped up the gantry to the site and deposited into the forms on the upper floor. Now, why in the world should I know this? Dunno.

  3. Adam Schwartz '75

    That’s not a crane. It’s equipment used to place concrete. It’s basically a long pipe with a pump at the ground end. A Cement Mixer pulls up and dumps their load into the pump of this thing to get the concrete to where they need it.

  4. Did Bob Crane have ties to 06880?

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  5. I thought China was known for a thousand cranes! I also remember a project I was building in Manhattan several years ago where we were pumping concrete and a coupling blew off at the top of the boom…landing in the back of the concrete contractors foreman’s brand new Mercedes and…partially filling the back seat as well as leaving about a half a yard of concrete all over the side walk and street. Thank God no one was injured…but it sent everyone running. After it was over and all cleaned up we reflected on how Karma bit the moron foreman in the ass as he was a pretty nasty character to begin with.