Bobby Q’s Smokes Its Last Meat

Another legendary Westport restaurant — Bobby Q’s — is closing, after 11 years on Main Street. Its final day is March 31. A press release quotes owner Bob LeRose on the long-rumored news:

We’ve had an amazing run as a member of the Westport community for the past eleven years, establishing friendships and seeing kids grow up over the years. We look forward to celebrating with our friends and family over the next three months, remembering all of the good times that were had – birthday parties, family dinners, celebrations and more – and those that are still TO BE had at Bobby Q’s, before we fire up our smoker in Westport one last time at the end of March. While I’m sad that this chapter of my restaurant career is coming to an end, I’ll have some exciting news coming soon on my next chapter.

Over the next 3 months, the restaurant will offer several promotions.

During January — to celebrate National Pie Day, Bobby Q’s will give each table 1 complimentary slice of pie. Other events will be announced on Twitter (@bobbyqs) and Facebook (Bobby Q’s Bodacious BBQ & Grill).

Bobby Qs Westport CT

LeRose is proud to have had a strong relationship with the Westport Fire and Police Departments. He thanks those members for their service by providing 50% off their dine-in or take-out bill throughout January.

Concerts will continue Saturdays at 10 p.m., through March.

And then Bobby Q’s will join Splash and the Red Barn as noted Westport eateries to close. And — like its predecessor, Onion Alley — it too will become one more entrant in the Westport restaurant memory lane game.

26 responses to “Bobby Q’s Smokes Its Last Meat

  1. Matthew Mandell

    This is a very sad moment. Not only is Bobby Qs one fine place to have a rack of ribs, it’s also one more Main Street, owner run, mom and pop to hit the road. As noted Bob had relationships with police and fire and so many others in town. This will be lost. Also it was a place to bring the kids for dinner too, with crayons and everything. Westport still needs these things, but it will be almost impossible to replace.

    But, if rumor is true, we won’t have to go to Stamford to the Dinosaur for half the quality of Bobby Qs, I am hearing he is opening up in Norwalk in the new Sedona area on West Ave. Yes, we can still have those wonderful ribs, but it won’t be in Westport.

    Good luck Bob, we’ll miss you, and thanks……

  2. Bill Whitbeck

    I left the Westport area way before Bobby Q’s, so I’m not familiar with it, but (speaking of Westport’s restaurant memory lane), does anyone remember Cafe Barna? It was a Hungarian restaurant on the Post Road near the Westport/Norwalk line. I remember going there as a kid with my family, and Roszika strolling around playing violin table side! So many years ago!

  3. Well this is sad news and my family will miss Bobby Q’s terribly. We were just there last night. Bobby Q’s is hands down the best BBQ out there, beating BBQ eateries in both Nashville and New Orleans. Over the next few weeks we will have to stock up on the Bobby Q sauces and get our fill of frizzled onions. So sorry to read this news Bob. But we wish you much success in your future endeavors.

  4. All of us at CLASP are so sad to hear this news. Eleven years ago when we embarked on our first annual Taste of Westport, Bob was one of the first to join in, and he has been extremely supportive and wonderful to work with. We sure hope Dan is correct, and that he is opening something wonderful in Norwalk!!! And my family love those ribs, and hope they end up on his next menu!!!
    Thanks for everything, Tracy Flood- CLASP President

  5. Randy Collins

    We visit our grandchildren in Wesport a couple fo times a year, and Bobby Q’s is ALWAYS a stop we make while there. We are sorry to see it go.

  6. Wanda Tedesco

    Oh no! Love your ribs and Chicken Diablo. Your servers are always so nice. Sorry to see you go!!

  7. Ah, too bad! Bobby Q’s was a consistently decent, casual family place since it opened. Assume it will be replaced by an upscale national fashion chain, like 99% of the other spots downtown. Thank God for Oscar’s owning their own space…otherwise Main Street would be 100% skirts, shoes & spandex!

    • Jack Whittle

      The second floor of the Booby Q / Onion Alley space cannot be occupied by commercial retail aside from a Restaurant use as far as I know . . . .

  8. I’m sorry to see Bobby go, not only because Westport is losing a great place to eat, but also because he hosted Sunrise Rotary’s weekly Friday morning breakfasts for about five years (for which we all thank him), and because he was the spirit and mover behind the Labor Day weekend music and barbecue extravaganza.

    We’ll miss you Bobby.

    And Dan, you mentioned Onion Alley. We moved to Westport in 1977. My recollection is that there was another restaurant (or two) before Onion Alley. How far back that location go as a restaurant site?

  9. Hey Jack, Have Dan forward your email address to me and I will send you a few pics for your collection. Thanks Matt Saltus

  10. Kendall Anderson

    I loved Café Barna. My roommate and I would have dinner there several times a month, and then drive back to New Haven for classes & work.
    The food was wonderful, and the music and people a joy.
    I have to say Dan, I thought it was a little further down on the Post Road….maybe around UPS or the knitting store….but wherever it was, I loved it.
    Very sad about Bobby Q’s.
    Why can’t restaurants in Westport stay open??

  11. Barbara Wanamaker

    Before the “Mitchells” location, Barna’s was across the street from the old central post office. Upstairs was a duck pin bowling alley.

  12. Audrey Doniger

    Glad that some other folks remember Cafe Barna…when we frequented it,which was quite often, I think it was where Sakura is now. Rozika and her husband on accordion strolled ,took requests and always played ” Eine Kline Kafe” for the late Liese Connell ( who was then Liese Malkin).It may have been Hungarian but it served a great wurst platter with several wursts and red cabbage and German mustard…..never been to Bobby Qs..good luck to them but my memory bank is filled with memories of times longer gone. Happy new year Dan…I look so forward to my coffee and 06880 every a.m.You do a service to us older folk by jogging the fading memory of old and not so old Westport. Audrey Doniger

  13. Not to turn this into a Cafe Barna post, but (1) the address I have for Cafe Barna places it where Dan suggests, in the area near Mitchell’s, and (2) a much cooler picture (with proper period automobiles) can be found here:

    • Thanks, Jack. There are 2 very impressive things about the photo: 1) the violin part of the logo/sign, and 2) the fact that everyone parked legally, in only one spot. Those were the days!

      • Jerry MacDaid

        Actually, they didn’t really park very well. Middle car in group of three on right is clearly parked on the white line, probably because the small car on its left decided to crowd the right side of its parking space. I’m guessing what is missing is an early BMW looking for coffee that took 1 1/2 spaces forcing everyone to the right.

  14. It was a great pleasure working for you for many years…all of your catered bbq’ were fun and all great return clients…I wish you many years of Happiness and Good Health….thank you for everything xo Joey Hatrick