Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #53

We ended the 1st year of our photo challenge with the easiest one ever.

A record 34 alert “06880” readers knew immediately that the shot was taken at the Westport train station. Congratulations to all!

In order:  Seth Schachter, David Sampson, Jim Rodenbush, Kathryn Sirico, Alberta Cifolelli, Fred Cantor, Rich Stein, Edward Bloch, Beau James, James Weisz, John Englehart, Vanessa Zoe Bradford, Billy Scalzi, Patrick Pellicone, Sue Brenner, Kathie Bennewitz, Janis Wasserman, Roger Wolfe, Joyce Barnhart, Fred Rubin, Tom Turnbull, Tim Reid, Bobbie Herman, Julie McMahon, Jill Turner Odice, Jim Hood, Gerry Kuroghlian, William Camp, Rebecca Bruno, Susan Huppi, Christine Bisceglie, Thomas Orofino, Nan Buziak Lexow and Leslie Beatus.

To see the photo and all responses (only one dude guessed wrong: “the side of the school buses”), click here.

We’ll start 2016 off with a tougher one. We’ve all passed by this owl countless times. But “who” remembers where it is?

Oh My 06880 - January 3, 2016

(Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

If you think you know, click “Comments” below.

Happy New Year to all photo challengers!

33 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #53

  1. Located on top of the Dimes marina building

  2. On top of the buildings at the beach

  3. Are you sure it’s an owl? It looks like “the stuff that dreams are made of.”

  4. Mary ruggiero

    Loved your answer.

  5. Susan Schmidt

    Westport Arts Center roof!

  6. Seth Schacter

    Dimes Marina at longshore???

    • Wendy Cusick

      Just for the record Ned Dimes Marina is the boat basin at Compo Beach. Not Longshore

  7. Ruth Kalla Ungerer

    Westport Arts Center roof

  8. On roof of small building on Saugatauck River railroad bridge.

  9. 22nd place (or something like it), baby!

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  10. So far, no one has come close.

  11. Joan Constantikes

    HI , ALL MY O6990 NOTIFICATIONS ARE GOING TO SPAM. CAN YOU CORRECT THIS. PLEASE REPLY TO jtikes@yahoo.com or call 919–453-1860. Thanks, Joan Constantikes

  12. Elvira’s/Kenny’s/Grub’s

  13. Joan, if on a PC, right click the message, and click “not junk.” Then click always trust “comment-reply@wordpress.com” You can also click in that area “never block” that address and/or domain.

  14. Or Joan, you might change the site to 06880 instead of 06990.

  15. Elaine Marino

    The roof is unusual, so my guess is the Inn at Longshore.

  16. Wendy McKeon

    On Joey’s roof at Compo Beach…

  17. Wendy Cusick

    It’s not Joey’s or Earthplace (Nature Center) roof is the wrong color.
    I’ll guess the old Pistano’s Restaurant in Old Mil Beach area for now.

  18. Wendy Cusick

    Or 2 Railroad Place the building wedged between boat storage and the railroad bridge/tracks. (The believe the finance company that was in there moved to old Saugatuck Post Office with the auction house)

  19. Madison Malin

    my guess is either the pavillion at the beach, or one of the roofs of the schools.

  20. Everyone is still wrong!

  21. Sharon Paulsen

    Sherwood Diner?

  22. Brandon Malin

    Earthplace roof?

  23. Brandon Malin

    My other guess is a building at one of the town parks, maybe the water building near Grace K Salmon park

  24. Bobbie Herman

    This is just a wild guess, but I keep thinking of the little blue building that houses a law office at the intersection of Main Street and Myrtle Avenue.

  25. Laura Lipton

    The remarkable book store

  26. Wendy Cusick

    Oh Boy! Time for detective work and binoculars. This picture is taken with a camera with a zoom. Betsy P. Kahn took the picture. She’s quite a photographer and she’s also a Realtor. Armed with that knowledge….
    Hmmm…Need to nail down a location.
    Is it on a roof in the Compo Beach, Compo S, Soundview, Hillspoint area? Sherwood Island Nature Center? Burying Hill Beach building? Green Farms Academy? Ok is it on Her Roof?

  27. Wendy Cusick

    Ok I saw Dan’s answer when I hit send.
    Congratulations Sharon!

  28. Wendy Cusick

    In other news, Westport’s own Kelli O’Hara will be on PBS hosting the Countdown of Downtown Abbey 8pm. Right now 1/3/2016

  29. Sharon Paulsen

    Yay, my first “win”! Whoop whoop!