Lotsa Lights

As the holiday season winds down, twinkling lights are replaced by traffic ones.

The Post Road/Imperial Avenue/Myrtle Avenue intersection sports a ton of new signals (and new crosswalks). The just-installed lights are not yet activated.

Myrtle Avenue traffic lights

Continuing the Christmas theme though, they’re red and green.

6 responses to “Lotsa Lights

  1. It’s just more for the cyclists and motorists to run through. 🙂

    • You said it, Matt. A surprisingly large percentage of those drivers wishing to take a right on Myrtle from the Post Road simply regard the “No Turn on Red” sign as a serving suggestion. That includes school busses.

  2. §Anybody remember old radio’s midnight (?) thriller “LIGHTS OUT” ?
    Please advise. Thanks. & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
    s/Noel E. PARMENTEL Jr///NoelJr@OptOnline.Net [on 9th Day of Christmas]

  3. Just another waste of money that will improve nothing and may, in fact, hinder traffic and safety at that intersection.
    Where in hell was the demostrated need for such crap?

    • There need not be demonstrated need; the only need required is the need to spread pork. The same behavior can be seen here in Westport as a direct result of the intense desire to spend OPM.

  4. Kim Crowther Manning

    Does anyone know what ever happened to the idea of improving (somehow – not sure it’s even possible) the intersection by Daybreak Nursery? I live in that area and go through that intersection several times per day. It often takes a good five minutes to get through during heavy traffic hours (and often includes witness to all kinds of lunacy and horn honking and certain suggestive hand gestures!). I know work is about to begin on the intersection at Clinton Ave/Main Street, but have heard nothing for years about the Daybreak intersection.