Happy New Year!


Here’s wishing all of us — the world, Westport, and (especially) the “06880” community — a happy, healthy and inspiring 2016.

Dissenting opinions are, of course, welcome.

16 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Michael Calise

    Happy New Year Dan and the best to you in 2016

  2. Happy New Year Dan and thank you for this amazing blog. Looking forward to read more about Westport in 2016.

  3. Happy new year and thanks so much for your westport blog.

  4. Dan: Thanks for the blog, Dan. You are the heart, soul and brains of the town.
    ADW Staples 1956

    • THANKS, David (and everyone else). But “06880” is a true community effort. There would be no blog — and no 06880, in any other way — without everyone here! Happy New Year to us all!

  5. Monika Lazaro

    Happy New Year to you, and thank you for 06880!!

  6. Back at you Dan, Happy New Year.

  7. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Same to you, Dan! You are the glue that holds this whole thing together. Thank you for everything you do, and all that you write about! Happy New Year!

  8. A very Happy 20-sweet-16 (I believe coined by Bobby Hudson, but I’m using it, unabashedly) to everyone in the 06880 region and beyond. Peace.

  9. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    Happy New Year and Thank You for your blog. And God Bless the World (not just America).

  10. Thanks Dan and all our 06880 community! Happy New Year!

  11. when I read 06880, I often think about the amount of work went into the article and am grateful. Happy New Year, Dan!

  12. Bettina Gangi

    What a beautiful old world! We need to take better care of it. Tina Gangi

  13. Margaret Hart Rynshall

    Happy New Year to you, Dan! Keep doing what you do. It’s very much appreciated!

  14. Happy New Year, Dan. I love 06880.It is comforting to know that you are there and you listen. I share the blog sometimes with our sons Mark, John and Todd, none of whom live in Westport but still think of it as their hometown. It is also the place where I and my husband Charles Lamb have lived for the longest time – 46 years.

    • Thanks, Alberta. And thank you — and all the Lambs — for all you have done for all of us in Westport! Here’s to a great 2016 to us all!