UPDATE: Westporter Helps Bridgeport Fire Victims

A fast-moving fire yesterday morning left 120 Bridgeport condo residents homeless. The Connecticut Post calls it one of the worst temporary housing crises in state history.

More than homes were destroyed. Residents lost all their clothes and other possessions. Children lost their Christmas gifts.

Elaine Marino wants to help.

The Westport resident heads to Bridgeport later today with food and clothing. She hopes to pick up some toys along the way.

But she wants to do more.

She’s asking Westporters to place a bag of toys, clothes and/or food on their porch or front steps. Then mail your address to esmarino@msn.com. She’ll pick up your items, and deliver them to Bridgeport.

UPDATE: Elaine’s car is full today (Friday), so people should pull inside anything she has not yet picked up. She will be doing this again in Saturday morning. Please get back in touch with her by email (esmarino@msn.com).

It’s a tough  way to start 2016 for several dozen families. But it’s a good way for us — just a few miles a way — to help.

The Charles Street condominium in Bridgeport is very near the New Colony diner.

The Charles Street condominium in Bridgeport is very near the Old Colony diner.

13 responses to “UPDATE: Westporter Helps Bridgeport Fire Victims

  1. Elaine, I live about 3 miles from the Westport Stop and Shop ( but in Fairfield ) and could donate some things . Is there a place where they can be dropped off on Bridgeport ?

    • Angela, the Old Colony Diner (2321 Main Street), which had to close for a while due to smoke from the fire, has donation bins inside.

      • Also, I was told by the organizer their GoFundMe page that donations for the Bridgeport fire victims are being accepted today from 1-5pm at the Margaret Morton Government Center at 999 Broad Street in Bridgeport.

  2. what a horrible way for families to start the new year. thank you Elaine for doing something that will truly make a difference in people’s lives. you inspire us all.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    I can donate clothes, stuffed animal toys, and such. I live in Trumbull now, near the Mall exit, Main Street route 111.
    We can’t drive anywhere today (no drinking and driving, lol), but I can have stuff ready for pickup.

  4. Carolyn Cohen

    Hi, Dan,

    Elaine’s car is full so people should pull inside anything that she hasn’t picked up yet. She will be doing this again in the morning. They can be back in touch with her by email.

    Thanks for putting the word out! Happy new year! Carolyn Cohen

  5. Is there any possibility of a truck being secured for furniture donations? I have two large sofas I would be happy to donate. The email for Elaine gets kicked back by the way.

  6. If she is still collecting, please LMK