O Christmas Tree! Go Christmas Tree!

Sure, Christmas was nice. Presents, family, tropical weather and all that.

But now it’s on to the next thing: Getting rid of the tree.

Like so many other tasks in Westport — leaf-raking, pool-cleaning, airport-driving — this task too can be outsourced.

Boy Scout Troop 39 of Westport will happily pick up your Christmas tree. That once beautiful, soon-to-be dying and needle-dropping symbol of recent holiday cheer can be disposed of with one simple mouse click.

The big day is Saturday, January 9. This is the 6th year in a row the Scouts are providing the service, so they’ve got the drill down pat. (And it’s a green drill: The trees are recycled as mulch.)

Troop 39 in action.

Troop 39 in action.

To register for this service, click here. Reservations are limited so — unlike Christmas shopping — don’t delay.

Place your tree by your mailbox by 6:30 a.m. that morning — yeah, you do have to move it that far yourself — and tape an envelope with your donation to your front door.

The suggested donation is $20 per tree (cash or checks made out to “Boy Scout Troop 39” are fine). I’m sure the scouts would not refuse higher amounts. Funds go toward troop activities like food drives, community service projects and high adventure backpacking trips.

The Boy Scouts are well known for “good turns” like helping little old ladies across streets. Bush league. In Westport, they help little old ladies — and strapping young men — dispose of big old Christmas trees.


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