Happy Boxing (In) Day

Starbucks parking

Yes, of course this is the Starbucks parking lot.

Do you even have to ask?!

15 responses to “Happy Boxing (In) Day

  1. Not again …. ; )

  2. Connie Bentley

    Lack of common sense and common courtesy is not just a Wesport problem. We see plenty of this kind of parking ego out here in Washington too!

  3. Adam Schwartz '75

    Take a sharp knife and place a single, deep slash to the side of each tire. I guarantee this person will NEVER park this way again!

  4. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    It’s just the angle. The boxed in car can easily squeeze through.
    Be positive!

    p.s. Happy Boxing Day! Visit the neighbours, not the stores.

  5. Clearly they need valet, car lifts or both.

  6. You have to assume this is another “we know this person so let’s park them in as a prank” thing. No one can really be that moronic.

  7. And you know it really is Boxing Day in England …..

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    • Yep – that’s why I said it! Lots of great Boxing Day soccer matches from England on NBC Sports today!

      • Nancy Hunter Wilson

        Dan, don’t you mean football matches? (kidding). Anyway, I agree that it was a much better way to spend the day, better than shopping for bargains… today, too. I now remember one of my brothers teasing me that we were supposed to box each other on Boxing Day!
        p.s. What’s your favorite team? For me, it’s gotta be Man-U.

  8. Does this activity go on at the proletarian Dunkin Donuts parking lot or is it confined to the upscale $tarbucks?
    ADW Staples 1956

  9. Sharon Paulsen

    Because coffee is more important than life itself!

    Adult Sesame Street:

    Today’s show is brought to you by the letter C!
    And here’s the Coffee Monster!
    “C is for Coffee, that’s good enough for me! And C is for Crappy parking … look, can you see?”

  10. Dick Lowenstein

    Another slow news day? Mis-parked cars are probably the preeminent single subject on 06880. No, wait, it’s the weekly, but always different, photo challenge.

  11. Beth Orlan Berkowitz

    Someone should “boot” each car that parks poorly at this parking lot and then the person parking like these photos have shown would have to pay the charges to have it removed after they have to sit there for an hour or two and that money could be used for drivers(parking) education (edicate) courses. (Maybe the photos should include the license plates of the perpetrators).