Mill Pond Magic

Westporters had much to be thankful for yesterday.

Those living on the Sherwood Mill Pond appreciate scenes like this every day.

The rest give thanks that “06880” reader Jose Villaluz captured it for us, before sitting down to his Turkey Day feast:

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Jose Villaluz)

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Jose Villaluz)

8 responses to “Mill Pond Magic

  1. Sylvia Robinson Corrigan

    How beautiful…we are so fortunate…

  2. Wow, it looks like a painting.

  3. Jill Turner Odice

    What a gorgeous image! This one deserves to be enlarged and framed!!!

  4. Joyce Barnhart

    Very beautiful. How can we get a copy?

  5. Absolutely spectacular photo, looks like an artists painting. Kudos!

  6. Loretta Santella Hallock

    My favorite place in Westport. This is the best picture of The Old Mill that I have seen. Also would love to get a copy.

  7. I’m Jose Villaluz, I would be more than happy to email you a jpeg. I can be reached at Thank you all for your kind words.