Because Searching For An Actual Parking Spot Is Just Sooooo Inconvenient…

Parker Harding Plaza - November 21, 2015

13 responses to “Because Searching For An Actual Parking Spot Is Just Sooooo Inconvenient…

  1. And of course there is plenty of free parking on Gorham Island on the wknd – but that’s a few more feet away.

  2. Peggy O'Halloran

    And the rest of us are oh so considerate? This is just petty.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Palm > Face!

    Looks like that monster vehicle won’t fit in a “traditional” spot anyway.

    Probably emptied the tank just to get downtown too.

    (snort snort)

  4. Gee, I think we need to hurry up and build that Imperial Avenue parking lot with the walkway past the library to downtown.

    • Deb, the good news is that the Imperial parking lot already exists. It has a walkway and scenic bridge that leads one past the Library. Quite nice, actually, but the less good news is that it cannot compete with human nature. Which explains, to a large degree, its underutilization.

  5. Francine Radford

    the public shaming seems a little harsh. You never know what may be going on – maybe she was in a hurry to pick up a gift for a friend who has cancer. if she didn’t block anyone else, it’s not that big a deal.

  6. stephanie bass

    ….pick up a gift for a friend who has cancer….WTF

  7. She does not look like she is coming from the driver side of the car. Sometimes we are to quick to judge.

  8. What’s the point of view of getting an off-road capable vehicle if you can’t, you know, go off road?

  9. Joyce Barnhart

    Morley, while the bridge from the Imperial Avenue lot is charming, I tried it years ago and did not like it because it felt too isolated. On Farmer’s Market Thursdays it might not be an issue, but I don’t use that lot and that bridge.

    • Exactly right Joyce, and that was my general point: the Imperial Lot is isolated and therefore not utilized. However, I think you put it more succinctly than I by pointing out the important public safety aspect.

  10. Elizabeth Thibault

    We call this a “not-a-spot.” We’ll normally give someone a pass if they manage to entirely get themselves out of any roadway or otherwise do not impede any type of foot or vehicular traffic. I agree with Joyce, in that some of the concerns with the more distant lots is the lighting and isolated nature make them bigger security concerns. Whether we’re in Westport or not, it is a concern because women tend to be targeted more and have awareness about.
    Perhaps the DMA should look into setting up a valet service over the holidays, and Starbucks should create an order app and hire a coffee runner, so we can minimize these “I’ll only be a few minutes,” types of horrid parking jobs.