Compo Acres Shopping Center Just Got A Bit More Crowded

Jersey Mike’s Subs opened today, in the Compo Acres space previously occupied by Robek’s.

The “fast-casual sub sandwich” spot — the 10th Connecticut location for the franchise, and one of 1500 overall — joins Trader Joe’s, Chipotle and SoulCycle in contributing plenty of constant, in-and-out traffic to Westport’s toughest-to-navigate shopping center.

That traffic will be particularly intense for a while. In addition to the usual let’s-try-the-new-place mentality, there’s an added incentive: Through Sunday, Jersey Mike’s is offering free subs for a minimum $1 contribution to Special Olympics.

The only catch: You’ve got to already have one of the 10,000 certificates “circulating throughout the community.”

Jersey Mike's was packed at 1:30 p.m. today.

Jersey Mike’s was packed at 1:30 p.m. today.

10 responses to “Compo Acres Shopping Center Just Got A Bit More Crowded

  1. Lily Bloomingdale

    so excited, they are so delicious! Now I don’t have to drive to black rock to satisfy my jersey mike’s craving!!!

  2. Jersey Mikes was in ffd 20 years ago…they were even worse than subway is today…. and.. thats saying something. Maybe theyre improved. (Subway is gross… all their meats are cooked/ prepared in a factory in the midwest…. then shipped by truck….” Eat Fresh” indeed!) Planet Pizza is a much better choice for “subs.”

    • Caroline Kelly

      This is to you Bill Boyd – I don’t know who you are and this is the first time I ever posted a comment on this site but I found your comment awful. Wow what a nice way to welcome Jersey Mikes to Westport. People like you give Westport a bad name.

  3. Traffic flow would improve if the exit onto Compo had a stop line and sign saying not to block the intersection or maybe we could just ask people nicely to be considerate of their fellow shoppers???

  4. I’m a regular Jersey Mike’s customer. Meat is fresh and tasty, vegetables ditto. Great choices for the hungry and not-too-hungry. Only area that Subway’s can compete is a better choice of bread.

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Well, at least smoking isn’t allowed.

  6. Okay – here goes – at the risk of sounding unwelcoming. Just went to JM with an open mind hoping for a great new place. Sadly, I was underwhelmed. Some may like it but I want to point out that we have a few LOCAL businesses that are much better. Some are a bit pricier, but not all. Art’s, for example far exceeds anything at Jersey Mike’s and at comparable prices. When/if Art’s, Gold’s, Oscar’s, etc. close, I’m sure we will all lament the way Westport has changed, but we may only have ourselves to blame. Go LOCAL!!