Bye Bye, Bill!

Bill Derry retires tomorrow.

Tonight, the Westport Library honored their talented, creative and very popular “director of innovation.”

Because it’s the day before Halloween, Bill came dressed as a 3D printer.

Bill Derry

It’s not just a random costume.

Bill championed that technology — along with everything else cutting-edge and cool.

All of us — especially the young people he mentored, and who adored him — will miss Bill greatly.

Unless, of course, he clones himself using that 3D printer on his head.

7 responses to “Bye Bye, Bill!

  1. Gerry Kuroghlian

    Thank you for your contributions to the creative genius of the Westport Public Library as well as keeping us all fascinated with your work!

  2. I know we’re not alone in being grateful for Bill Derry’s presence in our lives, from the time my daughter was a first-grader at Greens Farms Elementary straight through, almost 20 years later, to working – and learning – with him at Westport Library. He is that rarest of creatures, someone who has the gift to make others excited to learn. Westport has been blessed to have him, and he will be sorely missed!

  3. Maxine Bleiweis

    Bill Derry brought a new understanding to the freedom to be curious and learn at every stage of life. He championed the efforts of people who never thought they could attempt new ventures. He made everyone he came in contact with an entrepreneur. And he did it in the place that was open to all–the public library. How fortunate Westport has been to have him.

  4. Bill is a rare gem who has touched the lives of people young and old. I hope whatever you do in ‘retirement’, Bill, it fills you with supreme joy! Cheers and love to you.

  5. Michele Wrubel

    Happy Trails to one of Westport’s most beloved trailblazers!

  6. Bill never stops being curious. No matter what new technology comes along, he finds a way to use to inspire young people and to nurture their creativity. He will be sorely missed.