Arrivederci, Villarina’s

Villarina’s is closing very soon. The popular Compo Shopping Center seller of homemade pasta, sauces, prepared dinners, fresh bread, cheese, party trays and specialty items is the latest victim of rising rents.

“It’s been there about 18 years. Sales were strong, and margins fine,” says Joe Filc, owner of the Danbury-based company.

“But the rent doubled. And as I understand it, the landlord wants to consolidate the vacant space next door.” That’s the site of the former AAA office.

Villarina’s has been in Westport for nearly 20 years. There are 7 other stores in Connecticut, New York and Austin, Texas — like this one, all individually operated. Filc says that unlike Westport, most own their property.

Much of his business comes from private labels, Filc says. Products are also available at select restaurants and food stores.

(Photo and hat tip: Elizabeth Glaser)

(Photo and hat tip: Elizabeth Glaser)

6 responses to “Arrivederci, Villarina’s

  1. Anyone shocked??? Business and homes, close them up and tear them down. Wait for it……………another place where you can bank and have your nails done in the same space.

  2. I am just sickened by this most recent closing, Villarina’s. And do people note as they drive the Post Road the number of office and store spaces available for rent? Also how about the numbers of very large houses on the market?? Wonder what this says about the town, in general??? Tina Gangi

  3. Why not find a different/cheaper location?

  4. Very sad. I will miss that store …I have enjoyed it since they opened.

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  5. RIP Villarina. It is a shame.
    For those interested in fresh pasta and willing to make a drive to Fairfield, may I suggest Tutto Pasta, 2126 Post Rd, Fairfield, (203) 220-9535. It’s in the Harry’s Liquor Store “plaza”. Helpful, tasty and, of course, super fresh.

  6. I am weary of greedy landlords who force useful shops out of business and I count with delight the number of months they have to wait for new tenants. Meanwhile, I wonder where to buy thread or ribbons or material for Hallowe’en costumes and I have to drive to Fairfield for pasta. Have a shiny new Rolls on all of us, why doncha?