Wes Craven’s Westport

News of Wes Craven’s death brought this note from Chris Grimm:

He filmed his first feature, “Last House on the Left,” partially in Westport.

The graveyard scene was at Merritt Parkway exit 41, but what was the house where much of the filming took place? Nobody seems to know!

The film was produced by Westporter Sean Cunningham.

According to Wikipedia, “Last House” was made on a modest budget of $87,000. It was released in the US on August 30, 1972 — 43 years ago yesterday — and grossed over $3 million domestically.

If you remember the filming — particularly the house or other sites used — click “Comments” below.

Last House on the Left


5 responses to “Wes Craven’s Westport

  1. Chip Stephens - Staples 73

    As I remember the House was on Bayberry Ln north of the Nike property

  2. Could have used the old sanitorium/sanitarium on Baron’s North when it was still standing. That was enough to scare anyone.

  3. “It’s only a movie, only a movie!”

    Chip – that’s the first lead of any sort in years of inquiring – we need historic plaques for this kind of stuff!

  4. This was the only movie I have ever walked out of.

  5. Former Westporter and Staples classmate, Sean Cunningham, who produced the movie, should know. He also created the Friday the 13th franchise. The legend goes that he came up with the title, took out an ad in Variety saying “Now In Production”, and the backers lined up to invest in a movie that hadn’t even been written yet.