Merritt Parkway Bridge: The Sequel

Last night’s post about the total lack of work being done on the behind-schedule Merritt Parkway North Avenue bridge surprised many Westporters.

At least, we figured, a horde of workers would gather this morning — doing a day’s work for a day’s pay.

Here was the scene at 9:45 a.m.:

Merritt Parkway bridge

According to the alert “06880” reader who took this photo:

There is 1 small pickup truck and a jeep parked near Northside Lane. There is 1 worker on the bridge, and a giant pile of dirt. Maybe something is happening underneath the bridge, but this does not look like a swarm of activity. School opens in 2 weeks.

5 responses to “Merritt Parkway Bridge: The Sequel

  1. Jonathan Berg

    They’re waiting til they can close the Merritt? Well this should pick right up.

  2. Jeff Giannone

    I guess this is what we can expect from the designers of Compo renovations? Kind of looks like the Parkway to me. I always thought the beauty of Compo or any beach for that matter was the natural beauty-keeping man made objects to an absolute minimum.

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  3. Nancy W Hunter

    Is that a porta-potty or a bridge pillar on the left? The former would suggest that serious work really is being done (!)
    Kidding aside, wouldn’t people prefer to know that bridge construction is done properly, if not on time? The re-paving only takes a day.
    Heck, a new water main has been in construction on my street since February!
    Seems to be a very start and stop operation, as one assumes that the company has other projects on the go. No one really cares, though, even with school starting soon. Relax, laugh, and just take a different route.

  4. Bart Shuldman

    There was no work underneath. The Merritt had no construction workers this morning on the North Avenue bridge.