Just 2 Weeks Left Till The 1st Day Of School…

…so enjoy it while you can! (Click on or hover over each photo to enlarge.)

Mike Elliot's dog is not in Kansas anymore. But she's been in a production of "Wizard of Oz." Guess what role?

Mike Elliot’s dog is not in Kansas anymore.

All that's missing: food and guests.

All that’s missing: food and folks.

South Beach never gets old.

South Beach never gets old.

And it didn't even rain here!

And it didn’t even rain here!

13 responses to “Just 2 Weeks Left Till The 1st Day Of School…

  1. Nancy W Hunter

    Ah, the dog days of summer … enjoy, and thank your lucky (Sirius) stars that you’re drought free!

  2. Marcy Anson Fralick Staples '70

    Sigh. School started here in Tucson on the 6th.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Wonder if any folks are planning to watch the Perseid Meteor shower from the beach tonight!

    Nancy: funny thing – we’ve actually had a rather dry summer, in spite of crazy storms, and many lawns are brown, and plantings are wilting, flowers dying off quickly … and I’ve noticed trees dropping early leaves (while still somewhat green). But, our dry-ness is nowhere near news-worthy compared to the fires and other environmental disasters going on all over the globe.
    Although, we’ve had some doosey storms all over the Northeast, to be sure.

    Dan, that doggie pic is just perfect – wonderful!!!

    Wonder why school starts so darn early in some states. It’s ridiculous if you ask me. It’s still frick’in summer, for Pete’s sake.
    Talk about AMERICAN BURNOUT.

    Well, if students and educators only get a few short weeks off to enjoy the summer “break”, (because, you know, “higher test scores”), then perhaps Congress could follow that schedule as well – all year long. Otherwise, time to cut their salaries (tax payer’s money) to fit the, ahem, schedule.

    Vote: Time Clocks at the legislator’s front door anyone?

    β˜€οΈ ⛡️ πŸ„ 😎

    • Nancy W Hunter

      Although the clouds are starting to roll in, we’re all hoping to catch a glimpse of the Perseid “Swift-Tuttle” (great name!) shower tonight. Hmm… meteor shower vs rain shower?

    • Nancy W Hunter

      I thought that U.S. schools in the warmer climes begin earlier/end earlier because of weather. Whereas, in Asian countries “breaks” are few and far between, no matter what.

  4. Bobbie Herman

    Summer is just too damn short!

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Hmmm, I admit I have no idea how the school schedules work in Asia.
    But I imagine life is not ideal over there to begin with in many ways.
    Leisure time and paid time off (for tons of reasons) are something that should be universal for everyone. Mental and physical wellbeing is of the upmost importance. Otherwise, what’s the point? (Yeah yeah, I know – Utopian ideas, and all that jazz, lol).

  6. Nancy W Hunter

    “Childhood” has certainly taken on a different meaning.

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    Dan – wanted to also say that ALL of your pics here are some of the best Compo photos I’ve seen, capturing that familiar vibe! (Not to say that all of those awesome landscape images you post from Kahn, Cantor and the many other great talents from Wesport, aren’t wonderful in their own right).
    I just love your point of view in picture taking. I shared this post with my Mom, who raised me in Westport and took me to the beach all the time. (She lives in Southbury now). Anyway, she just loved these and said she feels like she’s never left!

    Thanks again!

    • THANKS — much appreciated, Sharon! I know that the images on “06880” are as important as any other element. I’m grateful I have plenty of wonderful vistas to shoot; that I have photography mentors like my sister (Susan Woog Wagner), Lynn U. Miller, and many others (as you’ve noted above), and that I am able to share the beauty of Westport with everyone — current and former residents!

      • Sharon Paulsen

        One of the best things about having mentors in your life, is that you hopefully re-learn how to be your own creative self in the end!

        I’d say you’ve already done that many times over. You’ve been around town for a long time now, and you’ve always embraced your own voice, no matter what.

        Keep on doing your thing Dan.

        (Hey, didn’t you substitute-teach various academics at either Kings Highway, or Bedford or Staples – 1970’s, 1980’s-ish? I’m racking my brain here, trying to recall. Blaming Chardonnay, and time, on my brain fog, LOL. I attended all three, and graduated Staples 1986.)

        Ugh, age revealed!! πŸ˜‹


  8. Yes indeed!