Jennifer Fava: New Parks & Rec Director Will Dive Right In

Jennifer Fava’s father was director of parks facilities for Westchester County. Growing up, she wanted nothing to do with that.

But — go figure — she ended up graduating not only from the same school (University of Massachusetts), but also the same exact program (leisure studies and resources) as both parents.

Recreation is in Fava’s blood. From her youth in Armonk as a volleyball player, gymnast, runner, swimmer and diver (“my body is paying for it now, but it’s worth it”), through jobs as parks and rec director for Yorktown and North Hempstead, she’s spent her life being active, and helping others enjoy leisure pursuits.

Her get-it-done resume and let-me-help attitude should serve her well in her new job. On September 1, Fava becomes Westport’s new director of parks and recreation.

Jennifer Fava

Jennifer Fava

It seems like a great fit — for her, and the town. During her 9 years in Yorktown, Fava managed 29 parks and other facilities. She was responsible for 750 acres of open space, and developed 12 miles in nature preserves.

During 3 years at North Hempstead, she managed 385 employees and an operating budget 3 times larger than Westport’s. She oversaw the maintenance, operations and improvements of 53 park facilities, including golf courses, a marina, botanical garden, aquatic and athletic facilities, and a 60,000-square foot community center.

She increased revenues and program offerings, reorganized the department for greater efficiency and cost effectiveness, and implemented a more user-friendly website.

Fava did not do it all by sitting in her office.

“I’m not afraid to get on the roof and check the HVAC system,” she says. In Yorktown one night after a community movie, she grabbed a bag and picked up garbage. “People should know we’re all part of a team,” she explains.

“We don’t get rich in public service,” she adds. “We do this because we love it.”

Fava calls her new town “a great place to be. The natural resources and unbelievable facilities — who doesn’t like to sit at the beach?”

Her background managing golf courses, marinas and beaches (“across Long Island Sound,” she notes) are a plus. The demographics where she’s worked are similar to Westport too.

Longshore -- part of Jennifer Fava's new portfolio -- includes a golf course, tennis courts, marina, pools, and much, much more.

Longshore — part of Jennifer Fava’s new portfolio — includes a golf course, tennis courts, marina, pools, and much more.

Fava says that as she researched Westport — and saw the capital plan — she grew even more excited. She sees an opportunity to “build on this gem, and take it to the next level.”

She found — to her surprise — that she was not a stranger to the town. When she was younger, her beach of choice was Sherwood Island. She had no idea, though, that it was in Westport. (Which makes her no different from many Westporters.)

After she beat out more than 50 applicants for the job — but before her appointment was announced — Fava visited Westport’s recreational facilities. She wanted to experience them from residents and visitors’ points of view.

She got “a very good, positive vibe” at places like Compo. “People were clearly enjoying themselves,” she says.

Compo Beach: a town jewel, beloved by all.

Compo Beach: a town jewel, beloved by all.

Fava declines to talk about priorities. “It’s too early for that,” she says. “I’ve already received stacks of documents from the Recreation Commission. I have my nighttime reading.”

The new director takes a broad view of her job. “I look forward to making a positive impact, in whatever way I can. I’ll be looking at the whole park system, not one specific site. And I’ll look at the whole well-being of people. There are a lot of aspects to this.”

Fava is already excited about one thing: her commute.

For 3 years, she drove 90 minutes (on a good day) from her home in Brookfield to North Hempstead — then back at night.

“I don’t recommend it,” Fava says.

“This will be great. And it’s all back roads.”

4 responses to “Jennifer Fava: New Parks & Rec Director Will Dive Right In

  1. She seems great. Welcome to Westport!

  2. Bart Shuldman

    Jennifer–welcome to Westport. Our family wishes you much success.

    I would like to ask that as you get into your new role you give a good look at the girls sports programs in town and the issue of equitable field space. From parents who were very involved in town sports including girls lacrosse, it is our opinion that both girls lacrosse and field hockey have played 2nd citizen in getting field space in Westport. As you will have a ‘new set of eyes’ to look at how our sports programs are allocated space, I will be hopeful you will see the same thing.

    To help understand the problem, there is only one field in Westport that is lined for girls lacrosse and field hockey. That one field is shared by the entire girls youth lacrosse program, the entire youth field hockey program AND all girls lacrosse & field hockey teams at Staples High School. With the significant growth of girls participating in the towns field hockey and lacrosse programs over the last several years, Westport failed at handling the additional need for fields. Request after request to Parks and Rec for help went unanswered. One easy solution was to line additional fields for the girls programs, but for whatever reason, it was never done.

    We will remain hopeful that with your leadership, the issue for fairness to the Westport girls lacrosse and field hockey program will occur.

  3. Wendy Crowther

    Hi Jennifer–Welcome to Westport.

    I hope you’ll also pay some much-needed attention to Westport’s passive-use, open spaces. All have been long overlooked and starved of resources due to a culture of being thought of as burdens rather than as assets. I hope you can change that.

    Soon after you’re on board, I’d love to take you on walks through our passive-use, town-owned properties. As a long-term Westport resident, a former Parks & Rec. Commission member (8 years), an open space advocate, and a Westport history buff, I can give you a good feel for the lay of the land here in Westport. I can also tell you every passive park’s back-story and its important historical connection to our town.

    I’ll reach out to you once you’ve moved into your new office. If you’d like to start sooner rather than later, I suspect that our blogger extraordinaire (Dan Woog) can connect us.

  4. Roberta Tager

    There have been a few rough changes in the tennis program that need your attention..i.e. reservations. I’d be glad to discuss..Mike Tager