Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #32

Okay, so last week’s photo challenge was pretty easy. Nearly everyone — Werner Liepolt, Betsy Pollak, Alice Stratton, Christine Barth, Alberta Cifolelli, Susan Schmidt, Seth Braunstein, Michelle Saunders, Karen Wambach and B. Crane Baker — knew it was Trader Joe’s. (Click here for Lynn U. Miller’s photo.)

So try this one — hah!

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

If you think you know where in Westport you’ve seen this, click “Comments.” Of course, add any information about it you’d like.

11 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #32

  1. Bridge street bridge box that explains the movement of the bridge when it’s opened

  2. Melissa Crouch Chang

    This is the description of the bridge works on the sculpture of bridge parts between the library and the bridge on the Post Road?

  3. Diane h silfen

    Blueprints for the Saugatuck Bridge?

  4. Grover Fitch

    Plaque located on the foot path along the river, by the library parking lot that highlights the history of the Bridge on the Post Road – originally a draw bridge to accommodate the commercial boat traffic (transporting onions, etc….).


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  5. Melissa and Grover: Very observant! This is indeed part of the sculpture located near the Westport Library, on the Saugatuck River. There is fascinating text about the history of the bridge — from its toll and trolley days to its widening in the early 1990s — as well as the mechanical drawings, details of which Lynn U. Miller photographed.

    If you’re not as observant as Melissa and Grover (and who is?): Next time you’re in the Taylor Place parking lot, check out this sculpture (and others!).

  6. Richard Gabor

    Saugetuck bridge

  7. John F. (J-period) Wandres

    I could be wrong (Yeah, right!) but I believe that it is a Single Leaf Scherzer Rolling Lift Bascule Bridge that controls the SRRB. Ya think?

  8. Plaque by the Ruth Steinkraus Bridge that showed the former mechanism for the former drawbridge.

  9. Morning Dan- Well I had no idea, but Bob being a life-long resident and having knowledge of construction says this may be a copy of the Bridge Street original bridge drawing? LuAnn