“I Do!”

Compo Beach was the site of a wedding earlier this evening.

Compo Beach wedding

As the couple said their vows — and casually dressed friends and relatives (not to mention the videographer) looked on — they were joined by dozens of interested beachgoers.

They didn’t crash the wedding, exactly. They sat respectfully on the jetty by the cannons.

They had no clue who the couple were. But they took plenty of photos anyway.

Compo Beach wedding 2

They did not get any champagne or cake.

Then again, they didn’t have to buy a gift.

10 responses to ““I Do!”

  1. Jonas Shapiro

    The groom is long time Westporter and hand modeling legend Bobby “Hands” Hudson. Mazel Tov!

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Oh, I just love the “happenstance” of an encounter with a beach wedding!

    I can just smell the salt air and the sunset ether.

    Shoes off, soles on the sand.

    Anticipation of music and margaritas.

    Random observers, in passive participation.


    Great get Dan!
    (Ahem, you beach-wedding-crasher-you!
    Or, am I mistaken? Perhaps your were invited? My bad for a little joke here, if so.).

    Anyway, great “share”! Nice to see something wonderfull in the midst of a not so happy planet these days.
    Perhaps a good enough reason, as any, to remember that since we love our seashore experiences, so we must take care of our sea.

    Congrats to the couple!

    • I was not invited — but I loved the open atmosphere, Just wandered by, stopped, and appreciated the wonderful ceremony!

  3. Bill Whitbeck

    You sure about the wedding taking place at Compo? From the first photo it looks more like Rowayton or possibly Calf Pasture, with those two small islands off to the right, and Sheffield Island in the center…. although I may be totally wrong….since I don’t live there anymore!

  4. Bobby Hudson! Nice wedding, great day and good friends.

  5. Actually you were invited Dan. Bobby and Denise had invited everyone via FB. And a lot of those sitting on the jetty were guests.

  6. Terry brannigan


    So happy for Bobby. Only sad that we were out if town. Congratulations! Soda!

  7. So happy for Denise! Congrats to the two of them!

  8. Katherine DiGhello

    So happy for the couple, and very fortunate that I was able to attend.