Sweet Pete!

Pete Romano is a legend.

The native Westporter has followed his parents — PJ and Joan — as an avid supporter of everything every local kid does. He’s now one of the prime movers behind Al’s Angels, touching youngsters and their families in extra-special ways.

He’s helped build his company — Landtech — into a well respected civil engineering and environmental consulting firm.

Pete Romano

Pete Romano

Pete was a driving force behind the long-running, very popular Festival Italiano, and now he’s a leader in the redevelopment of Saugatuck.

But — in the same way Paul Newman is known to a new generation as a food purveyor rather than a movie star — many Westporters know Pete only as an owner of Saugatuck Sweets, the riverfront ice cream-and-candy shop that will be remembered fondly years from now by every kid growing up today in town.

So it’s fitting that Saugatuck Sweets is the site this Saturday (August 8) of Westport’s celebration of Pete’s 60th birthday.

The festivities go on all day. At 2 pm, First Selectman Jim Marpe will present an official town proclamation.

At 7 p.m. there’s a concert with Silver Steel at 96 Franklin Street, near Luciano Park. There’ll be ice cream, zeppoles and soft drinks, plus a chance to “touch a fire truck” from the Saugatuck station.

The event would have been held at the plaza Pete helped create next to Saugatuck Sweets. A noise complaint earlier this summer shut that concert series down.

But Pete and his pals are problem solvers. Their creative solutions have helped make Westport a better place for — well, in Pete’s case, 60 years.

Happy birthday, Pete! See you in Saugatuck on Saturday!

Saugatuck Sweets




9 responses to “Sweet Pete!

  1. Missy Targowski

    Happy birthday, Peter!!!!

  2. Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. Romano! You are a treasure in our community! Blessings to you and to your Family —and, “Many More!”

  3. Happy Birthday to one very Special man! You do so much for SO many!!
    Betsy and Dan

  4. Happy Birthday and many blessing on you birthday

  5. Jamie Camche

    Happy and Healty Birthday Pete !

  6. Sheri Gordon

    Happy Birthday Pete! Your service to your community is greatly appreciated.

  7. Pamela and I extend our best wishes to you on your 60th birthday, Pete. You don’t look a day over 59.

  8. Terry Santella Anzalone

    Happy Birthday!! 🙂
    Looking forward to another cup of coffee with you!!

  9. Happy Birthday Pete!! Have a fabulous day and year!! Say Hi to Westport for us and to anyone that you see. I will be back next weekend for our 45th reunion. Hope to see you!!
    All the BEST!!