They’re Closing The Nail Salons. Guess What’s Next To Pop Up Everywhere.

Donald Trump may not like it.

But the Mexicans are coming. Or at least, their restaurants are.

We’ve already got Viva Zapata, Villa del Sol, Border Grill, Bartaco, Cuatro Hermanos, Qdoba, Chipotle and Señor Salsa.

Opening soon:

Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo (“tacos and tequila”) is located near Pier 1 Imports — right next to the old V restaurant. Which is near Bravo Pizzeria and Wine Bar.

I assumed the popular Italian eatery was branching out into Mexican. Just to be sure, I called Bravo.


“It’s a very strange coincidence,” said a Bravo (Italia) spokesperson.

Meanwhile, the Saugatuck rumor mill has yet another Mexican restaurant headed to the former post office, near the westbound train tracks.

Hey: If The Donald decides to campaign here, at least we’ll know where not to take him for dinner.

12 responses to “They’re Closing The Nail Salons. Guess What’s Next To Pop Up Everywhere.

  1. Chip Stephens - Staples 73

    Bring back the bowling alley ! It would be one of a kind in town

  2. And Bar Taco and Cuatro Hermanos…

  3. I live behind here, so need to take a look, but Bravo is NOT in the old V space – it is in a smaller space further to the left. Small point, but for what it’s worth…

    • You’re right — it’s in the old Munson chocolate shop. My bad. I’ll change it above.

      • It looks like Rio Bravo is taking part, if not all, of the V location. (I can’t recall if Coco Spa went in before or after V – it might have some of that space.)

  4. Marcy Anson Fralick Staples '70

    Take The Donald to Qdoba. It is owned by Jack-in-the-Box which should fit The Donald just fine as he is kind of a clown head, too.

  5. I agree with Chip, bring back the bowling alley ! Staples 1980

  6. Although The new restaurant coming to the former Saugatuck PO is owned by the lovely family that owns Rincon Taqueria in Norwalk, it will not be Mexican. It will have more of a Mediterranean menu. Planned opening is October, 2015.

  7. I want the miniature golf course back while we’re rewinding the clock. mmm