California Wildfires Get Westport Aid

It’s not often that tiny Connecticut can help huge California.

But the Golden State has its hands full with massive wildfires. A 20-person fire crew from here is heading there. Among the firefighters is Westport assistant chief Michael Kronick.

Kronick — a certified wildfire fighter — has helped before. In 2013 he was deployed to Quebec; before that, he was sent to other fires out west.

Connecticut’s Interstate Fire Crew is part of a reciprocal aid program operated by the US Forest Service.

Thankfully, wildfires are not a big problem here. But every state has its own weather and environmental issues. It’s good to know that when we need help, other states will have our backs. Just like — thanks to people like Michael Kronick — we now have theirs.

Assistant fire chief Michael Kronick.

Assistant fire chief Michael Kronick.

10 responses to “California Wildfires Get Westport Aid

  1. Be safe!

  2. Sharon Hauser

    Bless you, Westport! We’re in San Jose where we can smell the fires, but, so far, are not in danger. It is soooow dry here — brown lawn. Love you, Westport. Sherry (Staples graduate of 1963).

  3. Jill Turner Odice

    Thank you Westport Fire Fighters! So far we have been ok here in the Mojave desert this fire season…it is pretty scary when you can see flames in the mountains from your front door and have to breathe smokey air for weeks at a time…Thanks to folks that are so brave!

  4. Nancy W Hunter

    Firefighting is usually reciprocal between Canada and the U.S. (thankfully!) however, in B.C. wildfires have been an ongoing battle over the last three months, so resources are strained. Apparently, this is the “new normal”.
    Good luck to all during this unprecedented season, and thanks to people like Michael.

    p.s. There’s nothing quite as eerie and frightening as the smell of mountain smoke, the haze of smoke, in your own backyard, where you least expect it.

  5. Diane h silfen

    I agree with Tracy Flood. Be safe

  6. Very real courage! (Is it OK to have just a little smile at the irony of a guy named Kronic going to fight fires in Humboldt County? Or too soon?)

  7. Joyce Barnhart

    We were driving south one winter when a big storm was threatening North Carolina. Trucks from power companies in Florida and Georgia were heading north to help when needed. It was inspiring to see such a mobilization. Prayers and good thoughts for all the brave men and women fighting fires in California, and especially for Assistant Chief Kronic.

  8. Sharon Paulsen

    This reminds me of all the out of state help us “east coaster’s” received in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy! It was remarkable!

    When our neighborhood in Trumbull, CT was visited by that awesome sight of a utility truck, most of us came out to thank the crew, brought them coffee and food, and they in turn shared some of the most heartbreaking stories of what they had encountered all over the coastline. (I believe our area was only out of powers for about 7-10 days – very fortunate we were).

    And these guys were out of state helpers – it was just a wonderful thing.

    Fire fighting is no easy task, and IMHO, way worse than hurricane relief efforts, and I wish our east coast teams safety and Godspeed!

    And to this brave firefighter from Westport – COME BACK SAFE AND SOUND, and perhaps also chose to share your experiences with 06880, down the road.

  9. Asst Chief Kronick has a good Westport pedigree. His father Richard grew up in Greens Farms & his Mom is a Hartigan–a family with deep Saugatuck roots. His grandfather Tom Kronick and my father joined the Army from Westport and served in the South Pacific during WWII. Michael has some pretty good genes–hope he stays safe in California.

  10. Thank you Michael! And all of the other Ct. firefighters. We appreciate your help! (We’re in Sonoma wine country, not too far from Rocky fire.) It’s always fire season here, but of course, the drought has complicated things. Above all, be safe.