Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #31

Wow — you “06880” readers really know your dead people!

Last week’s photo challenge was a slam dunk for a record 14 alert readers. And not only did you know that the tiny bit of iron in Lynn U. Miller’s photograph soars above Christ & Holy Trinity cemetery on Kings Highway North (opposite Old Hill Road) — many also knew that the Episcopal church’s property is also the final resting place for plenty of Catholics.

Kathy Calise had the 1st correct answer. She was followed by Rich Stein, Dan Herman, Diane Silfen, Edward Bloch, Pat Blaufuss, Ellen Wentworth, Jacques Voris, Christine Barth, Julie Gray, James Weisz, Jill Turner Odice, Lu Giunta and Bobbi Essagof. Congrats to all! (To see the photo and all comments, click here.)

This week’s photo challenge is once again courtesy of Lynn U. Miller. If you think you know where you’ve seen this image, click “Comments.”

Oh My 06880 - August 2, 2015

12 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #31

  1. WTF (Wakeman Town Farm)?

  2. betsy pollak

    Trader Joes!

  3. Alice Stratton

    At Trader Joe’s.

  4. Christine Barth

    Trader Joe’s

  5. Trader Joes….

  6. Susan Schmidt

    trader joes, of course!

  7. Seth Braunstein

    Trader Joe’s

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  8. Trader Joes of course!

  9. It is indeed Trader Joe’s. The side door by the Compo Acres Shopping Center parking lot. Congrats to all!

  10. Karen Wambach

    Trader Joes

  11. Trader joes’ that was too easy!