The Rumor Mill Churns

Anthropologie has announced its move to bigger digs in Bedford Square. A new tenant will eventually move into the current location on Post Road East.

But big changes may be in store for Balducci’s next door too.

Several folks have contacted “06880,” saying that — just a few months after renovation — the store may close. Rumors swirl regarding rent issues.

Architect types have been spotted touring the buildings and parking lot.

If Balducci’s goes — and with Garelick & Herbs moving to the Southport line — the east end of Westport may soon become a gourmet food desert.


11 responses to “The Rumor Mill Churns

  1. I think this would be a great location for a large Jewish style deli and arcade.

  2. Fred Jackson

    No great loss with Balducci. Outrageous prices. Fresh Market a worthy substitute. But sorry for the lost jobs.

  3. Steve Doig (Staples '66)

    …or maybe a nail salon? πŸ˜‰

  4. Jane Lassner Zeitchick

    A bank. We need another bank.

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    How about something fun, like an old fashioned bowling alley, or indoor roller (or ice) rink!
    And throw in an old school drive-in type burger joint!