You Can Get Anything You Want…

…at the Red Barn restaurant.

Excepting kitchen equipment.

An alert “06880” reader snapped this photo early today, as 40 or so people waited for the start of a much-lamented “estate liquidation sale.”

Red Barn - waiting

They were lured by the chance to pick up a souvenir — or something practical — from the restaurant that for generations lured Westporters and Merritt Parkway motorists.

Lookingi for anything at the Red Barn.

Looking for anything at the Red Barn.

Kitchen equipment was not — as had been promised — up for sale. But nearly everything else was.

Including this:

Red Barn - rooster

The sale continues tomorrow (Saturday, July 18, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.)

No word on whether this guy is still up for grabs.

3 responses to “You Can Get Anything You Want…

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    Curious, anyone know how much the dining chairs and tables were going for?
    Wonder if they “cleaned out” most of the stuff already.

  2. Sincere Thank You

    Just want to thank Red Barn/Nisticos and their staff for taking such enormously good care of my family, in particular my older family members, when they would come to Connecticut for visits. A lot of good memories. Thank you and best of luck with your next ventures.

  3. Mary Ann West

    A buyer purchased all of the kitchen equipment, tables, chairs, glassware etc… Maybe there will be another restaurant at the site?