Cedar Point: Come On In, The Water’s Fine!

It’s called the Cedar Point Yacht Club. But don’t let the name fool you.

For 128 years, Cedar Point has had a low-key presence in Westport. More sailboat racing than “yacht,” with a clubhouse that’s more “house” than “club,” it exists in happy anonymity on Saugatuck Island, at the western edge of town.

There are no amenities. No fancy lounge or restaurant. No pool or sauna. No tennis courts. Cedar Point is simply a place where serious sailors of all ages, backgrounds and types gather to sail.

Cedar Point Yacht Club, from the air.

Cedar Point Yacht Club, from the air.

It’s one of Westport’s best-kept secrets. And if you’d like to see what this non-yacht-club yacht club is all about, here’s your chance.

This Saturday (July 18, 12-5 p.m.), Cedar Point will treat anyone who shows up as if they’re a member.

Watch the fleets go out to race. Enjoy hot dogs and a bouncy house for the kids. Walk the docks. Tour members’ yachts boats. Relax at the private beach.

There are also free classroom sailing lessons, and a free on-water sailing lesson (weather permitting).

And — keep this quiet — if you mention you’re an “06880” reader, William Adler will arrange for you to go out on a sailboat with a Cedar Point governor.

The club is on Saugatuck Island’s Bluff Point Road. Getting there is half the fun — by car or boat.

(For more information, email BobKarpel.CPYC@gmail.com)

Cedar Point Yacht Club logo

10 responses to “Cedar Point: Come On In, The Water’s Fine!

  1. Oy – it’s Saturday, July 18 (date in the original past was wrong – now it’s fixed)! Thank you so much for sharing this invite with your loyal readers, Dan. Between your event and CPYC this is a special week for family gatherings at the beach !!!

  2. Phil Perlah

    Many years ago, when I was new to Westport, I inquired about membership. Needed recommendations of existing members. I wonder has the exclusivity/elitism changed? The Minute Man Yacht club, on the other hand, will accept as a member anyone whose dues check ($75.00) clears. You don’t need references; you don’t need to be a Westport resident; you don’t even need to have a boat.

  3. William Adler

    Phil, things have changed from then. CPYC is famous for being as un-snobby and un-fancy as could be… the club is all about racing and getting together – there are no expensive facilities and family membership is not costly. My wife and I joined last year and not only do we not own a boat, we don’t have a clue how to sail. We just showed up at LAST year’s Open House and fell in love with the place. The only requirement for getting involved is being interested or curious. On Tuesdays they have sunset cruise-arounds (not racing) for newbies followed by dinner. The club members have bent over backwards to invite us out on their boats and show us the ropes (I think I just figured out what that phrase means!). The free Open House for Westporters on Saturday is very much in that spirit!

  4. Dan! Thanks for the CPYC shout out! If folks head upstairs in the Clubhouse to the trophy display, they will see the “Jack L. Bailin Trophy”, named after my dad and awarded to the top finisher in Division I (the fast boats….a cup I will likely never win, alas). We’re in VT or we would be there to welcome all comers onto ANANDA, our Tartan 37 in slip
    A 14 on “A” dock. Please let all readers know to feel free to climb aboard and relax in the cockpit or on the decks. And hat’s off too to Bill Adler for helping us put the word out on CPYC.! We’re looking for more members and folks who we can introduce to the joy or sailing. LIke last night’s Wed Night Race. 18-20 kts wind and a glorious sunset!!!

  5. Did you mean this Saturday, July 17th?….


  6. Brian Strong

    Dan, So great to see this. Westport egalitarianism at work. Kudos to the CPYC Leadership. Do keep pressing. Brian and Nancy Strong

  7. Dan – you wrote this blog on the 16h for an even that is on he 12th? I hope that was a typo on he date….please let us know

  8. Dan Lasley (Laz)

    The one major difference at CPYC – almost all of their boats are out every weekend. Look in any other marina and the majority of boats over 30 feet stay at the dock most of the summer.