All’s Fare In Uber And Taylor Swift

It was a First World problem: Maggie Fair, Jenna McNicholas and Jamie Tanzer were headed to Taylor Swift’s MetLife Stadium Saturday night, with an extra $201 ticket.

A friend backed out at the last minute. What to do?

The girls — all June graduates of Staples High School — called an Uber. Driver Khalil Calixte offered them a cord to play music.

They chose Swift. Calixte sang along.

Jenna McNicholas, Jamie Tanzer and Maggie Fair with their new friend, Khalil Calixte.

Jenna McNicholas, Jamie Tanzer and Maggie Fair with their new friend, Khalil Calixte.

Then — according to a story on a great celebrity website, Business Insider — the girls looked at each other.

“We were like, wait, he needs to come to the concert with us,” McNicholas said.

He was all in. So instead of dropping the girls off at Penn Station, he headed out to Jersey.

They all had a great time — especially Calixte. It was his 1st concert ever.

“It was like we were already friends,” Fair told Business Insider. “We danced and sang the whole night. It was so much fun.”

Well done, girls!

And thanks too to Will Haskell — himself a Staples grad (and, oh yeah, a Business Insider writer) — for telling that tale so well.

(For the full Business Insider story, click here.)

5 responses to “All’s Fare In Uber And Taylor Swift

  1. Jean Denholtz

    Great story–smart girls with big hearts!❤️❤️❤️

  2. Gil Ghitelman

    And folks with big wallets as well.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    I just finished reading the full article – how perfectly awesome is this!?!

    And now these young women probably have a new friend for life (and possibly one of the best connections to getting around Manhattan now, lol!)

  4. Wendy Cusick

    Wow Awesome!

  5. Ann Marie Flynn

    What a marvelous win/win happening… cool and good vibes for international friendships……!