Steam May Evaporate

An urgent email from Steam — the organic coffee bar at the eastbound Westport train station — says they need $3,000 by Tuesday to stay in business.

So they’re throwing a fundraising party tomorrow (Sunday, June 28, 8 a.m. to 3 pm.) at their place.

They’ll offer food samples, coffee cupping (with local brewer Donny Raus), tea tasting, music and yoga.

A coffee bar is a tough business. The location — the “wrong” side of the tracks, in terms of when most people buy their joe — is not easy either.

But Steam has always been very community minded. This may be our chance to give a little something back, to a hard-working local business.

Steam sign

6 responses to “Steam May Evaporate

  1. Selda FIkret PASA

    It would be great if they could relocate into the train station waiting area on the ” other” side. The old ticket counter would be a great coffee bar. Norwalk has something very similar.

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Did I read that right – Yoga? At a coffee house? Does that work?

    Well, hope the fundraiser helps them – it’s hard for small biz in CT.

  3. Rita Corridon

    Steam is one of my favorite places! She makes everything herself with the BEST ingredients! Please go tomorrow and help out!

  4. Brianna is a wonderful girl who has worked very hard to build a amazing space at Steam… Le Rouge Chocolates by Aarti will be happy to pitch in by giving 20% of all sales on Sunday at the Cafe……. Come on in to help keep Steam in business
    We are at
    190 Main Street
    Westport CT-06880

  5. Marion Howard

    Did this refer to the Steam at Green’s Farms station? That location seems to do brisk business.