Noor Zakka’s grandparents have been in Westport for 40 years. This town has long been a weekend getaway for her.

Three years ago she, her husband and their 2 young boys moved here full time.

The reasons — the greenery and schools — are common. But what Noor has done since arriving here is not.

An FIT graduate in fashion design, she worked in the industry in New York. But, Noor says, she sometimes felt as if she was not accomplishing anything good.

She wanted to create something beautiful — but also give back to the world.

The result is Noorism, a sustainable fashion company.

Noor Zakka sports one of Noorism's summer hats.

Noor Zakka sports one of Noorism’s summer hats.

“We feel that clothes can be well-made, look amazing, be eco-friendly, and leave as little impact on the earth as possible,” Noor says.

Noorism designs, creates and manufactures small collections locally.

Noor wants her products to last. She wants buyers to know exactly where, how and by whom her goods are made.

Her fabrics are sourced from orders that other companies did not use, or are upcycled from used garments. Recycled fabrics and materials are key.

For every item sold, Noorism gives $5 to Charity:Water, a non-profit that provides clean, safe drinking water to developing nations. “The fashion industry consumes a lot of water, and wastes a lot,” she explains.

Her 1st collection is upcycled denim summer hats.

Noorims's summer hat line.

Noorims’s summer hat line.

They’re not cheap: $145. But, Noor says, it takes a couple of hours to turn an old pair of jeans into a sun hat.

“It is kind of a luxury product,” she admits. “But it’s special. Plus, it’s made in America.”

3 responses to “Noorism

  1. Love those charitable hats!

  2. very nice

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    I love this idea of sustainable and/or repurposed materials for fashion!!

    Now, it needs to eventually become “the norm”, and ultimately affordable for all.

    I’m so glad these are made in the States too – that’s the road we need to keep taking to get this country back up on its feet. Well paid people making well made clothes (or anything for that matter) – it’s just a better way!! It feels good, and it makes sense.

    Rock on, Ms. Zakka!

    (Oh, and who doesn’t just LOVE some old, perhaps vintage, denim … am I right?)