Staples Names Interim Principal

Dr. Mark W. Karagus will serve as interim principal for Staples High School during the 2015-16 school year. He will be in that post while a search is conducted for a permanent replacement for John Dodig, who retires this month. The announcement was made this morning by superintendent of schools Dr. Elliott Landon.

Dr. Karagus has a bachelor of arts degree in English, a master of science degree in school counseling, and an Ed.D. in educational leadership. He spent many years as a guidance counselor, assistant principal and housemaster at Norwalk High School. Last year, he was principal of Trinity Catholic High School in Stamford. He has over 37 years of experience as an educator and administrator in Connecticut.

In October 2014, this article appeared in the Trinity Catholic school paper, The Crusader:

Trinity has a new addition to its community: Dr. Mark Karagus. Dr. Karagus came here from Norwalk High School where he had been a House Master. Trinity is a big adjustment for him because Norwalk High has almost two thousand students whereas Trinity has only a little over four hundred. Working at a smaller school allows “for a more personalized relationship with the students and staff,” according to Dr. Karagus, and enables him to have “more of an individualized impact on what goes on in the school.”

Dr. Mark Karagus

Dr. Mark Karagus

Speaking of making an impact on the school, Dr. Karagus also has some improvements he plans to set forth to better Trinity.  He would like to “increase use of technology”, which is something many students will be glad to hear.

Dr. Karagus would also like to have an “increased seriousness and emphasis toward education and spiritual development.” Dr. Karagus decided to come to Trinity because he wanted to “work in the Catholic Schools and for the Diocese of Bridgeport.” He wanted to continue to work in a setting that included “academics, as well as spiritual and social development of every student.”

Outside of school, Dr. Karagus is a major sports enthusiast. He enjoys playing golf and has been a basketball official for the last forty years. Unfortunately, Dr. Karagus has decided to retire as a basketball official since it would be a “conflict of interest.”

Also, he is very dedicated to his work here at Trinity and wants to dedicate as much time as he can to help the school. Being a basketball official while trying to balance being a principal might interfere and Dr. Karagus would like to spend “more time at Trinity.” Dr. Karagus also enjoys collecting sports memorabilia, a hobby he shares with longtime friend Joe Riccio, a teacher here at Trinity Catholic.

Staples seal 2

Dr. Karagus also enjoys collecting antiques from the 1950s and 60s. A favorite of Dr. Karagus’ is jukeboxes that allow him to play the records he collects of doo-wop music from the 50s and 60s.  Dr. Karagus stated, “I enjoy doo-wop, and enjoy going to concerts that play that music such as the Beach Boys.”

Dr. Karagus  is looking forward to the future at Trinity Catholic and said that it has been a “very welcoming school with a hardworking staff and students that are serious about their studies.” He hopes to maintain the “professionalism of the staff’ and is determined to help the students reach their fullest potential. We are all very glad to have Dr. Karagus with us and may we continue to make him feel like a part of our community as we begin our school year.


11 responses to “Staples Names Interim Principal

  1. don l bergmann

    I continue to wonder why our Schools, indeed our Town as well, do not have succession planning in place that would result in more situations whereby present employees are groomed to succeed to more senior positions as vacancies arise. Succession planning is an important aspect of well run operations. Hopefully, I will learn more as the processes continue, e.g. a new principal for Staples and changes to our Town Parks & Recreation Department.
    Don Bergmann

  2. And I can’t help but wonder why he is leaving Trinity so fast for an interim position???? Did I miss something?

  3. Francis Fiolek

    Are we sure he has been hired? 🙂

  4. Michael Calise

    Why is everybody so critical? Give the guy and the administration a break!.

  5. I am not speaking on behalf of Board of Education; however, as a member of the BOE that had the opportunity to meet Dr. Karagus, I found him to be a passionate educator who will seek to maintain good order and oversight of Staples High School during his interim appointment. The focus, from my perspective, continues to be on recruiting a permanent Principal for Staples that will meet, and exceed our standards.

    Francis Fiolek asked a great question and hopefully an announcement from WPS to parents will be forthcoming confirming this appointment. It seems like Dan has the inside scoop. I am always amazed how Dan can confirm this before the BOE and parents get notice and confirmation.

  6. Stephanie Bass

    Also, is he under consideration for the permanent job? I’m confused.

  7. Michael Ronemus

    Sounds like a great guy but I’m not sure it’s the school’s job to promote spiritual development whatever that means.