John Dodig: ReSpect

There is only one Derek Jeter.

And there is only one John Dodig.

Inspired by the fantastic Jeter “Re2pect” video honoring the Yankee great on his retirement — with everyone from little kids, cops and Rudy Giuliani to Jay-Z, Spike Lee and even Red Sox fans tipping their cap to the superstar — Staples seniors Zoe Brown and Taylor Harrington set out to give their retiring principal his due.

The result is a remarkable tribute to the high school’s one-of-a-kind leader.

If you know Dodig, and understand all he has meant during his 11 years as principal, you’ll look at this video, smile — and shed a tear.

If you don’t know Dodig, watch anyway. You’ll see the impact he’s had on everyone — administrators, teachers, athletes, actors, musicians, artists, kids who might have fallen through the cracks, secretaries, cafeteria workers, custodians, security guards — and you’ll wish you’d known him.

Zoe and Taylor clearly got the most out of their 4 years in Dodig’s Staples. And turning Jeter’s “Re2pect” into Dodig’s “ReSpect” is pure genius.

(If your browser does not take you directly to YouTube, click here.)

15 responses to “John Dodig: ReSpect

  1. Kudos… A hat tip is a truly great acknowledgement

  2. Carl Amacker

    Pretty cool!

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  3. Ilene Mirkine

    Thank you Zoe and Taylor….how wonderful and fitting. Beautifully done. And there will not be another John Dodig.
    And thank you John Dodig for inspiring work such as this….we know who the winners are here. I tip my hat…

  4. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    Maybe a little like Mr. Calkins of our day.

    • Exactly. Both men put students above all else, but never lost sight of a school community. John Dodig was the Jim Calkins of the 2000s.

  5. Dominick Romano

    Bravo . . . to John Dodig and to the videographers. Well done.

  6. Tom Turnbull

    Hat-tip to Joe and Taylor! Nice!

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  7. Wow, I don’t know this man, but what a wonderful tribute. Tipping my hat from California. Lucky students to have someone like that.

  8. Mary Schmerker

    Tipping my hat from the class of ’58 and from Texas. Wonderfully done. Fantastic tribute. Talented producers. Brought tears to my eyes.

  9. Hat tip. Cool on many levels.

  10. Susan Hopkins

    Hat tip from Colorado

  11. Love, love, love this! Tip of the hat to John Dodig!

  12. Kathie Bennewitz

    This is one of the most sincere and genuine tributes I have ever seen. It hit me hard at Baccalaureate. I hope “ReSpect” become a new SHS tag line as an enduring “hat tip” to John for years to come.


    Incredible send off for an incredible principal!