The Last Lobster

Workers on Riverside Avenue are busy turning the former Mansion Clam House into Parker Steaks. That’s bad news for seafood lovers — but good news for diners who miss the mainstay of Mario’s, now closed around the corner.

(Photo/Bob Mitchell)

(Photo/Bob Mitchell)

23 responses to “The Last Lobster

  1. Please may it be (at least somewhat) casual and comfortable; not foo-foo and so upscale that it sucks the delicious right out of it…and please may it also have (at least a few) selections for seafood lovers…! Thank you.

  2. Nothing can beat Craig’s seafood bisque at Westfair!

  3. Wendy Cusick

    I agree with Mr. Traum. The Seafood Bisque at Westfair Rocks!

  4. Deb Rosenfield

    So glad they didn’t turn it into a nail salon. Or a bank.

  5. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Is this the same “Parker” that is in Trumbull center on White Plains Road?? Anyone?

  6. Chip Stephens - Staples 73

    FUNNY !….. Looks like the foreman on the ground and the worker in the bucket had their eyes on things other than the work at hand !

  7. Jack Farrell

    Yes, it’s the same Parker from Trumbull

  8. Many, many years ago, the building was once a mattress factory. My father has a picture of it.

    • Wendy Crowther

      I’d love to see your father’s photo of this building when it was a mattress factory. Is there any way you can scan a copy of it and send it to Dan Woog? Rufus Wakeman, whose house still stands at 18 Bridge St., was the original owner of the mattress factory. It was the first of its kind in CT and it specialized in making church and yacht cushions. Rufus was Westport’s First Selectman from 1884 to 1891 and was a State Rep in 1895. He died in 1916 and left the property to his son, Austin Wakeman, who also served as Westport’s First Selectman and a Probate Judge.

      [Info from Historic Dwellings in Westport, CT]

  9. Linda pomerantz novis

    Many special memories of this place-growing up in Weston; my mom & we 3 waiting for my dad at train station,then we’d go to Mansion House (for a great ‘Captain’s Platter’.)

  10. From my conversation with the owner there will be seafood available. There will be dining outside both on the side and on the deck in the back. Should be a good mix for everyone to enjoy.

  11. My first job-1978, the year Mr.Varina retired and let his son Butch run it. Worked with Craig and Jeff there, then at Viva’s. Good memories!

  12. Morley Boyd

    Why must the stuffing be knocked out of this familiar old landmark in order to serve steak? Sure hope the new, improved mattress factory does NOT involve lots of crappy hardy plank, pre-painted medium density fiberboard trim and soulless replacement windows. That wouldn’t be cool – or appetizing.

  13. Sharon Paulsen

    Isn’t there some historical significance to this building? Such that it would limit the amount of renovation they can do to it?

    It was so cute – hope they retain the seaside character.

    • OMG! Me, too…remember that little (not so little) yellow fisherman-dude sitting up on the roof overlooking the river? Charming. Historical. New England. Sorely missed…

  14. Terry Santella Anzalone

    Very sad—another piece of Saugatuck erased. 🙁

  15. To the Parker Steak House owners:
    Could you please put Rico’s Sautéed soft shell crabs on the menu? with the spinach? Thanks

  16. If I were blindfolded and allowed to see in Saugatuck, I would have a problem knowing where I was. Saugatuck was great for the home of businesses there for many years. The list is long and memorable.
    Alberta Cifolelli
    40+ years in Saugatuck.

  17. I always liked the baked stuffed shrimp.

  18. Bill Whitbeck

    The Mansion Clam House was our family’s favorite place for seafood during the late 50’s and 60’s. It was the only restaurant I knew of where the main entrance was on the side of the building through the kitchen, and you waited for a table next to the tiny bar station, dodging servers as they came and went into the dining room. Does anyone remember the short dark-haired waitress who always wore purple stockings?? Owner Ernie Varina once gave me the recipe for the flour/cornmeal coating for their fried clams (secret ingredient, evaporated milk). I have never found a better recipe for fried seafood! I’m glad to have so many fond memories of the original Mansion Clam House.

  19. Painted this building in the summer of 1975. That and working at the Big Top.