What So Proudly We Hail!

The Jesup Road side of police headquarters sports a new look:

Police station flag

Police Chief Dale Call says it was loaned by a veteran who wishes to remain anonymous.

“He is proud to have served, and is a big supporter of the service done by our military and law enforcement every day,” the chief explains. “We’re proud to display it.”

The flag will hang — proudly — through Memorial Day.

23 responses to “What So Proudly We Hail!

  1. Sven Davidson

    “…lent by…” not “loaned.”

  2. …”loaned to the police headquarters”… is that better?

  3. Early Happy Memorial Day wishes!
    (Sure has a lot more punch than your neighbours’s Victoria Day!)

  4. Chip Stephens - Staples 73

    Always great to see the pride in Country in Westport this time of year

  5. Morley Boyd

    I just saw this flag the other day and wondered about the back story. It is really stunning. Here’s an (unsolicited) suggestion: the flag looks a little awkward in its present location- and it will likely get damaged the way it is installed. But…it would look spectacular hanging inside the front portico of Town Hall. And it would be protected. There was a tradition of flying super big American flags like this in the late 19th century. Would it be a huge deal to possibly shift it over to Myrtle Ave where it could really shine on Memorial Day?

  6. Sandy Soennichsen

    Morley…why would it “shine” any more over at the Town Hall than where it is now? More people drive by the station than go into Town Hall. And why celebrate our politicians that way, lets celebrate our primary line of defense first, our police department. And this comes from a vet.

    • Tom Feeley

      Keep it outside in the sun.
      Nice to see it flown correctly!
      Hand salute to Westport Police!!

    • Morley Boyd

      Sandy, you may have misunderstood my comment – which could have been worded more clearly. I simply meant to indicate that the towering outdoor area above the front entrance to Town Hall might be a more fitting space as the flag could – I think – have room to freely hang. This is where our parade ends and it struck me as a place where the flag could be viewed nicely by all gathered below on Veterans Green. I certainly didn’t mean to suggest any slight to our police nor our veterans (and by the way, thank you for your service). On the contrary, the Town Hall location seemed like it could possibly be a more respectful option. I love our flag and fly it every day of the year when the weather is good, but claim no expertise on permanent displays of same.

  7. Joyce Barnhart

    Saw it today and it ‘s bright and colorful, but when were the proportions of the American flag changed? Not just this one, but many flags, including the one that flies near I-95 have longer stripes than they used to, and, to my eye at least, they don’t look right.

  8. Sandy Soennichsen

    According to the law:
    “United States flag law does not specify the proportions of the flag. The proportions of 10:19, so often quoted, are the product of an executive order of the president, and are actually binding only in certain military uses. The United States government buys and uses flags in several other proportions (2:3, 3:5, 5:8) for numerous civilian and military applications. Private citizens are free to use their own judgment.”
    And we know how fond our current president is of Executive Orders, so it was probably him and his self imposed glory and importance.

  9. Sandy, re Executive Orders, do you know how the number of Executive Orders under Obama compares to the numbers under the four prior presidents: Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush? If you look at those numbers, I’m not sure why you would describe Obama as being so “fond” of Executive Orders.

  10. Sandy Soennichsen

    Well, it’s about a tie. Obama has signed more than either than either Bush (but he’s catching up to GW and Obama still has some time left), but fewer than Reagan and Clinton. But it would be interesting to see what those EO’s were signed for, and no, I”m not going to do that here.

    • Sandy, per the numbers for the last five presidents (from The Presidency Project at UCSB): Reagan led the way with an average of 48 a year; Clinton had the second most at 46 a year; Obama so far has had the least with an average of 33 Executive Orders per year.

    • One more thing Sandy. Where did you see that President Obama signed an Executive Order pertaining to the proportions of the flag? The Executive Order I am aware of pertaining to the specs of the flag was signed by President Eisenhower back in the 1950s.

  11. Well, if I am to take a Wikipedia article at its “word”, it seems that the Presidents with the most executive orders are wartime presidents… except for Clinton, who was/is pretty adept at “executive privilege”.

  12. Susan Hopkins

    Can we keep Obama and politics out of this? My God, this is about remembering the Fallen who gave their lives and futures so commenters can grouse about our flag, how and where it is displayed, etc. Keep your eye on prize, inhale deeply, and focus on who and what Memorial Day is about. Keep your snarky comments to yourself for a change.

  13. Susan Hopkins

    Should read: “Keep your eye on the prize, inhale deeply, and focus on who and what Memorial Day is about.”