Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #20

There seem to be 2 famous brick structures in Westport: the Compo bathhouses, and the former YMCA chimney.

Half of you guessed the beach. But last week’s photo challenge — with a tree inexplicably growing out the top — was the old Y. Lynn U. Miller took that image from across Main Street. (To see the photo and read the guesses, click here.)

Congrats to Jack Franzen, Amy Ancel, Tom Ryan, Sue Kirby and Julie Fatherley, all of whom nailed it.

How about this week’s challenge? I guarantee we’ve all seen it, a million times. But have we ever really noticed it?

Oh My 06880 - May 17, 2015

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

If you know where in Westport this is, click “Comments.” And, as always, add a back story if you’ve got one.

19 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #20

  1. Upper lot in the back of the Westport Woman’s Club?

  2. A Rotary Club road sign – for the club at noon, not sunrise. But where? I think there’s one of these on Wilton Road near the Merritt but there are probably others elsewhere in town.

  3. Wendy Cusick

    Across from Merritt Parkway Entrance and New YCMA Entrance and The Red Barn Restaurant. Wilton Rd. I Remember when the sign looked a lot better than this and no weeds.

  4. I thought that was a hint of a Rotary Club sign, but aren’t they all yellow and blue?

  5. Definitely the old Rotary Club “Welcome to Westport” sign on Wilton Road across from the Red Barn. I drive past it all day, every day.

  6. Wendy Cusick

    The intersection of RT 33 and Spring Hill Rd across from Sunny Lane – the Merritt Parkway Entrance and New YCMA entrance. (I remember when Sunny Lane was neighborhood.) The sign is a couple feet past the Spring Hill Rd sign along with a couple other old timers signs. Forgot to add to my post above.

    • Sunny Lane is now Allen Raymond Drive, right?

      • Wendy Cusick

        Forgot…it was renamed rather recently. (It was Sunny Ln for a lot longer than Allen Raymond Dr. Paint still wet on the new sign that’s how new it is.
        😉 )

  7. Does Westport have a Legion?

  8. Shriners?

  9. I think it is time to update that sign? And certainly clear away the brush. Any volunteers? I’ll bring the lopers.

    • Wendy Cusick

      I would suggest traffic cones and wearing reflective vests if you’re going to venture to that area.. You will get “creamed” by the vehicles flying by.

  10. Rotary Club sign, Post Road West, just before the former John Best Restaurant. The sign is actually next to a stone wall, that edges a very tiny cemetery.

  11. Aimee Stumm

    Hi Dan,

    I love your posts!

    Just curious, do you know if commercial fishing is allowed at Compo Beach? My husband was just taking a walk there and saw two 30 foot commercial fishing boats near the beach.

    Thanks, Aimee