Westport: Still An Artists’ Colony…

…or at least, still a place that artists love to paint.

Alert reader/photographer Fred Cantor snapped this shot the other day:

Artist downtown - Fred Cantor

I bet the artist has no idea that this spot is directly across the river from the old Famous Artists School.

6 responses to “Westport: Still An Artists’ Colony…

  1. Wanda Tedesco

    Who is this artist? Perhaps it’s the same artist we saw painting at the intersection of the Post Rd, Riverside and Wilton Rd about a year ago.

  2. Wanda, I did not get his name. I vaguely recall the situation you are describing from the Riverside intersection but I have no idea if it’s the same artist. I simply stopped to take this because I admired the work he was doing and it just struck me as a quintessential Westport scene.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    VERY Westport!
    Perhaps more reminiscent of the Artists School era? We don’t see this type of thing occurring much anymore.
    I love to see “street art” creativity, happening in real time, like this.
    Great post!

  4. Celia Offir

    I believe that is Jim Chillington. You can read more about home here: http://www.westportrivergallery.com/2014/02/chillingtons-plein-air-paintings-.html

  5. Yes it was I, Jim Chillington loving Westport enjoying the scene along the Saugatuck with the flowering pear trees Mother’s Day weekend.