Bridge Work Alert!

No one likes having dental bridge work done.

But what’s ahead for Westport might make us wish we were having root canal — without Novocain — instead.

You may have noticed those “Construction Ahead” signs near North Avenue’s Cross Highway and Easton Road intersections. They refer to an upcoming project: repairs to the Merritt Parkway North Avenue bridge.

Construction ahead sign - North Avenue

As reported nearly 3 years ago, the state Department of Transportation needs to patch, waterproof and do other work on the 75-year-old Art Deco span.

That work begins soon.

The contract calls for a 210-day window. The anticipated completion date is October 30. There will be day and night work — and at some point, closure of North Avenue.

That’s a major thoroughfare in Westport. It carries 2300 vehicles a day — and is home to 4 schools (Staples High, Bedford and Coleytown Middle, and Coleytown Elementary).

The good news: Removal of mature trees will be kept to a minimum.

The Merritt Parkway North Avenue bridge -- before renovation begins.

The Merritt Parkway North Avenue bridge — before renovation begins.

2 responses to “Bridge Work Alert!

  1. Bobbie Herman

    It may be a pain in the butt, and inconvenient for many, but it’s great that repairs are being made. Everyone complains about our deteriorating infrastructure, but they’re unhappy when it’s being fixed. Just be thankful that it will be done before something collapses. And take Bayberry instead.

  2. i can remember when they were building that bridge.