UPDATE: Temple Israel Threat Ends; Lockdown Ends At Coleytown

Earlier today, Westport police were called to Temple Israel. Preliminary reports say there were concerns about 1 or 2 people with weapons. Apparently, none were found.

The temple was the site today of a “Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Women’s Luncheon.” IDF officers — including an Israeli Air Force captain — were to discuss the roles of women in that country’s military. It appears that 1 or 2 people planned to disrupt the event.

Nearby Coleytown Middle School was locked down as a precaution.

Coleytown Middle School principal Kris Szabo sent this message to parents:

This afternoon our school was in lockdown for 45 minutes at the request of the Westport Police Department for an external threat at Temple Israel.  All ended well and our students returned to Homeroom where they were given an opportunity to debrief and ask questions. We thank the Westport Police Department for its immediate reaction and concern for the safety of all our children.

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8 responses to “UPDATE: Temple Israel Threat Ends; Lockdown Ends At Coleytown

  1. Stephanie Bass

    I just got home from the luncheon, still processing events. In the middle of speeches, there was a loud disturbance. Couldn’t tell how many people, but they were banging on the door to the room, yelling either JUSTICE FOR THE PALESTINIANS or FREEDOM FOR THE PALESTINIANS. Eighty women in the room; people started screaming GET DOWN and CALL 911.
    Women ran to the back of the room or ran out a back door. The PALESTINIAN ranting went on; I was waiting for the machine gun fire. First I thought, I could die today; than I thought if many people die today, I don’t want to be one of them. I’d been in Israel during the ’73 WAR;I thought of Newtown and that movie theatre in Colorado. I dived under the table. After a few minutes, the Israeli Brigadier General grabbed my hand; she said it was ok to come out; personnel at the Temple had subdude the men.

    This did not feel like political protest. This felt like terrorism.

    • Jo Dickison

      Stephanie, your description brought to life what must have been a frightening ordeal. I’m glad you, and all, are okay, and that the situation was handled so well.

  2. Zach Iannacone

    Bedford was also locked down for a bread period of time then we were allowed to move about the class rooms and not leave them soon after we were available to move about the build. The troubling thing is why Bedford is 2 feet from staples and staples did not get locked down.

  3. Stephanie Bass

    gee, Zach, yeah, but i thought i was going to die today. duh

    • Stephanie, that was kind of rude… Anyways; Here’s the story of what happened at Bedford. We thought that the lock down was a drill because Dr.Rosin didn’t tell us what happened, but then the teachers shut all the windows, closed the blinds, and shut the doors. We all gathered in the spot of the classroom where people looking in through the door couldn’t see us, and we hid. After the lock down was lifted, I went to the next class and met up with my buddies, and made a list of what could have happened. We didn’t even make a guess CLOSE to a “terrorist attack”.

  4. Any school lockdown would be frightening, but it’s good to know how well teachers, administrators, and the kids themselves handle the situation.
    Our local high school was locked down a number of years ago… it seems a lady living near the school “saw two men with rifles” approaching the campus.
    In fact, they were two students carrying camera tripods on their shoulders!

    Glad all is well.

  5. Wyatt resnick

    I was one of the students in the lockdown at Coleytown Middle School. There were a lot of people scared and there was a lot of rumors going around until we found out. Definitely one of the most scariest moments of my life

  6. Definitely. I’m at Bedford, too. The rumor was that the incident was downtown and much speculation ensued before the real news was disclosed.