This Sounds Like A Very Cool Place To Visit

You and I may never have heard of TheCultureTrip. But the website — which offers “the best of art, food, culture and travel for every country” — has just named Westport to its “Top 10 Beautiful Towns in Connecticut” list.

Although no one from TheCultureTrip has, apparently, ever been here.

Here’s our writeup:

Located on the coast just 50 miles north of New York City, Westport has some of the most stunning scenery in the state. The seafront has a row of beautiful red brick buildings, their warm colour contrasting with the sparkling blue of the sea. The seafront is particularly striking during sunsets, where the light casts a wonderful warm glow onto the houses and their reflections in the water. Further into the main town, old fashioned board houses and impressive buildings dating back to colonial times line the streets, interspersed with large, fresh green spaces, perfect for lazy strolls and picnics.

There is so much BS in those 4 sentences, it’s hard to begin.

But if you’re wondering just exactly where those “beautiful red brick buildings” along our “seafront” actually are, I’m guessing they’re right here, in the photo that illustrates our listing:



And if you’re also wondering: We’re 1 of only 2 Fairfield County towns to make the cut.

The other is Greenwich.

(To see the entire “Top 10” story, click here.)

12 responses to “This Sounds Like A Very Cool Place To Visit

  1. Tom Feeley

    Sounds whimsical !

  2. Adam Schwartz '75

    What BS? As a child growing up in Westport, my family always had lazy strolls and picnics in those large, fresh green spaces downtown! Didn’t everyone?!?

  3. Jamie Walsh

    Better description than a kick in the ass!

  4. Please don’t tell me this is what Westport has been distilled down to now :/ Westport was and hopefully is so much more. It had such authenticity of a smaller New England town by the shore that wasn’t necessarily all that planned out – some of it just happened and it was magic. I don’t recognize that description. Westport is lots wonderful of things but not the above.

  5. Robert Mitchell

    It must be true; it’s on the Internet!

  6. Laurie Goldberg

    I think it’s clickbait, designed to capture email or Facebook or Google + accounts as people from our town and others feel compelled to jump in and straighten things out. Gotta wonder where the authors really are. btw Westport MA might come a lot closer to the description.

  7. Sounds like one of Elaine’s entries in a J. Peterman’s catalogue.
    Taken as a whole, it’s actually not too far off, except for the “blue of the sea” (grey seems more accurate).

  8. Maybe Westport Ireland???

  9. In 1959 I had just graduated from Columbia with my MA and had a job offer from a “Westport, Connecticut.” Never heard of it. I did have an ancient AAA travel book and looked it up. All it said was “A quaint fishing village and artists colony on Long Island Sound.” Forget it. But a great man named Stan Lorenzen straightened me out. And I was here for 40 years!
    Never did get a chance to go fishing, but I did meet Al Dorne.

  10. sandy johnson

    Well, maybe it was quaint at one time before I 95 and now the world’s longest parking lot coming down the Post Road I live on Gault Park Dr (near where Daybreak used to be) There are 3 ways I can use to get out ,but forget it during rush hour IT took me 15 mins to get out of my street and get to the Post Road! And, yes, when I arrived in the late 70’s Main Street was the greatest — the mom and pop stores ie KIeins and Remarkable Book Store come to mind – Talbots, etc can be seen any mall – who needs it!!!! Anyway, we “old timers” have some great memories!!
    The big plus, I must say, however, is our fantastic library and also the Levitt Pavilion!

  11. Perhaps the red brick buildings by the “seafront” are the soon-to-be-demolished bathouses at Compo?