Take The Baron’s South Walking Tour — Right Now!

If you couldn’t make last week’s RTM-sponsored walking tour of Baron’s South — or you have no idea how to access the town-owned property, which is (very quietly) open to the public from dawn to dusk* — then this video is for you.

Westport realtor Judy James has created a 2-minute walking tour. Click here to access it, via RealPlayer.

NOTE: There’s no sound. Which is exactly what you experience if you walk Baron’s South yourself.

Except for the birds.

*There are entrances on Imperial Avenue and South Compo Road.

Deep in the Baron's South property. This image was taken from Judy James' video.

Deep in the Baron’s South property. This image was taken from Judy James’ video.

6 responses to “Take The Baron’s South Walking Tour — Right Now!

  1. Wendy Crowther

    Thank you, Judy and Dan. This slide show provides a lovely glance into Baron’s South. The beauty and serenity of Baron’s South is all the more powerful when experienced on foot. Let’s not spoil it, let’s save it. ALL of it. OPEN SPACE!

  2. Sharon horowitz

    Thank you Judy! yes open space for all! Lets preserve westport’s forest –it’s worth fighting for, all of it.

  3. don l bergmann

    There is also an entrance to Baron’s South from the Posr Road. Located next to the gas station, there is an area about 20 or so feet wide that leads directly from the Post Road into Baron’s South. At some point, I believe the “Town” placed several small boulders at the entrance which suggests it is not a welcoming area to get to Baron’s South. Quite the contrary, it is a terrific access point for walkers. If school bus parking was created, this access route would be eliminated. This access point is also part of that area of Baron’s South that is zoned commercial. Accordingly, that highlights how important it is to preserve most of Baron’s South as park lands, irrespective of whether a three to four acre portion is used for Senior Housing.

    Don Bergmann

  4. Tracey Hammer

    4 acres divided by 22 acres is 18.2%. That is a lot to provide to a developer for development.

    Many thanks to Judy for showcasing this spectacular parcel. It is a beautiful natural treasure and hopefully will be preserved in its entirety.

  5. Thank you, Judy. Keep the space. Don’t develop!!!

  6. Wendy Cusick

    I’m with the other Wendy C and others. Please save this for open space. It’s a lovely place. Thank you for the video/slideshow Judy James. I drive by this on either side and look up. I really can’t see building going up there. The trees that are up there keep the area cool and filter the air and the trees hold the soil as flood control. Any development will effect those living on either side-run off will effect other homeowners. Seriously folks this is a Quality of Life Issue. It’s Important!