Gone Fishin’

Fred Cantor captured this timeless scene yesterday, off Ford Road:

Ford Road - Fred Cantor

7 responses to “Gone Fishin’

  1. Awesome photo!

  2. linda (pomerantz) novis

    A long-ago (nice,’1960’s’) memory I have,growing up,in Weston-my mom taking us kids to feed the ducks at this very same place on Ford Rd…(& yes,
    realizing now-it not ‘politically correct’- feeding the ducks..Ford Rd. still
    looks a peaceful place,from this photo…)

  3. Mary Beth Murray

    Hi. Where exactly is this – in Westport or Weston. My brother is a big fisherman and would like to know the next time he is in the area.

    • Jack Whittle

      That’s the Saugatuck River just off of Ford Road in Westport, south of the Glendinning office complex. Ford Road begins where Lyons Plains Road crosses Weston Rd / Rt 57.

  4. Ford Road is off Weston Road, opposite Lyons Plains. Near the Weston line. But ssshhhhh — don’t tell anyone!

  5. More thanks go to Fred Cantor, the photographer.