The Ospreys Are Back!

In the surest sign yet that our long, nightmarish winter is giving way to spring, Westport’s favorite ospreys have returned.

Last year, they nested on a dangerous high pole near Fresh Market. After they caused a power outage in July, CL&P (now Eversource) rerouted an electrical feed, to save the magnificent birds from harm.

In October — after the birds flew south for the winter* — the utility company relocated the nest to a higher utility pole, 150 feet away. This one had fewer wires. The hope was that the ospreys would return to the less dangerous nest this spring.

They did. Today, Jo Ann Davidson observed them, home again for the summer.

Welcome back!

Ospreys 2 - Jo Ann Davidson

The ospreys' new home. (Photos/Jo Ann Davidson)

The ospreys’ new home. (Photos/Jo Ann Davidson)

*Something all of us should have done.


5 responses to “The Ospreys Are Back!

  1. Fantastic!!!!!!

  2. Susan Hopkins

    It doesn’t get any better than this! Kudos CL&P (Eversource) for looking out for Connecticut’s wondrous Ospreys!

  3. Marcia Falk

    The perfect welcome sign that spring has sprung. How beautiful to know these beautiful creatures call Westport their warm season nesting home.

  4. Michele Carey-Moody

    Thank you Dan. Ahh I am grateful for this story it is giving me hope that I can stop wearing my winter clothes.



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  5. sandy johnson

    A wonderful sign of spring!! CLandP did a great job – also shows how smart these beautiful creatures are!!! I’m planting my pansies today -my sign of spring each year!!