Oh My 06880! — Photo Challenge #12

The 1st part of last week’s photo challenge was easy. Nearly everyone knew it was a pay phone.

The 2nd part was hard. Where in Westport is there still a working pay phone?

Though we’ve probably all passed by it a zillion times, only Amee Borys, Beth Berkowitz and Fred Cantor knew that it was on the lower level of the Westport Library. (To see the photo and read all the comments, click here.)

This week’s photo challenge should be easy. Click “Comments” if you know where it is — and add any thoughts about the location too.

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)


17 responses to “Oh My 06880! — Photo Challenge #12

  1. Foot washer basin at compo showers… The drain

  2. ^^^ Yup, that was easy. I blocked it when I was 6-8 years old. So that foot wash area was there 50 years ago at least!

  3. Annelise Mccay

    A brings back childhood memories of mud drip sand castles … The shower stall at compo beach…

  4. Annelise Mccay

    Why are mothers’ let us play there is beyond me…

  5. It’s the shower drain next to Joey’s where kids rinse off.

  6. Tom Turnbull

    Picture: the “holey” land?

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  7. Michael Calise

    Soon to be plugged by the “CBSIC”

  8. “PLEASE DON’T BLOCK..” – a drain? Enough occasional velocity of surface water runoff to deposit small stones at the outflow. Asphalt meets concrete, so just a guess – a drainage device for a downtown parking lot bordering the river?

  9. Most of you are correct. It’s the “foot washer” drain at the outdoor showers at Compo Beach — next to Joey’s. Of course, it’s been there far longer than the hamburger stand. Many generations of Westporters have washed — and played in the mud — there.

    I wanted to give everyone a taste of summer. It’s coming, I am told by reliable sources. We just don’t know when.

  10. Diane h silfen

    That was a fun reminder of beach. Thanks Dan

  11. The old showers at Compo Beach

  12. Andrea E Greenberg

    I believe this photo is at the showers area from the original structure at Compo beach!

  13. Jack Whittle

    Playing with the stream of shower run-off at Compo is a childhood memory I think many Westporters share (myself included). I recognized the photo instantly, calling upon some distant memory.