Westport Farmers’ Market: 10 Years And Growing

Farmers’ markets can be like produce: Someone plants a seed. They grow and thrive. Eventually though, they wither and die.

Not so with the Westport Farmers’ Market. Stalls open in May for its 10th season — a very impressive feat.

To mark the occasion, it’s got a new tagline: “10 Years & Growing.”

And a new contest: a t-shirt competition.

Farmers MarketWFM director Lori Cochran-Dougall invites anyone to submit a design. It should incorporate the tagline, and embody the WFM ideals: providing fresh, local, healthy and seasonal food to the community, in a fun, safe and healthy environment.

Designs can be for the front, back or sleeves of the t-shirt. They should be submitted electronically, in low-resolution format, to: director@westportfarmersmarket.com. Deadline is March 15.

The prize: seeing your design worn all summer long. While helping the Westport Farmers’ Market grow even more, for the next 10 years.

2 responses to “Westport Farmers’ Market: 10 Years And Growing

  1. Lucy Fielding

    What’s the tag line?

  2. As noted in paragraph 3: “10 Years & Growing”