Like many nearby residents, Nico Eisenberger appreciates the Greens Farms post office.

It’s convenient. It’s friendly. There’s always plenty of parking.

It’s a shame, Nico says, that the sign looks so dilapidated.

Greens Farms PO

He writes:

I don’t know the ways and means of helping a federal property, but if I were a more crafty carpenter and sign maker, I’d just do it in the middle of the night.  Maybe someone local could talk to them, and offer to make a new sign.

Nico’s right — that might run afoul of all kinds of regulations. But if anyone with sign-making talent wants to stop in to the post office and ask — well, there’s seldom any wait.

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  1. Funny that this post showed up today. I was just thinking the same thing, but regarding a sign which should either be updated or removed as you enter town off of Merritt Exit 41. I will take a photo and send to you, Dan.

  2. A neighborhood woman re-sculpted the shrubs outside the post office to restore them to look like a snail. (truly the coolest shrubs in town!)

    Nico can check with the Greens Farms Association to find out about that. – Chris Woods

    • Art Schoeller

      Actually the “snail” topiary was maintained religiously for years by a long time postal clerk who worked there whose name I forget. When he retired the Greens Farms Association put out an “all points bulletin” for someone to take care of it. Our secretary, Anne Hamonet jumped in and took care of it when it was looking pretty ragged.

      Art Schoeller
      Greens Farms Association

  3. Dorothy Abrams

    I like its uniqueness.

  4. Art Schoeller

    If there is some interest in updating the sign we’d be happy to lead an effort (I am sure some money will be needed) and approach the post office folks.

    Art Schoeller
    Greens Farms Association

    P.S. of course I want to acknowledge the other point of view here about it being “unique”. We’ll have to figure out what approach is best based on feedback.

  5. Morley Boyd

    I understand what people are saying. Completely. However, as a regular customer of the Post Office in Playhouse Square, which closely resembles an East German border crossing – without the charm – the weather beaten wooden sign seems like a postcard from another place in time. The interior of the Playhouse Post Office is drenched in law enforcement blue plastic and I swear a little bit of me dies every time I walk in. Heck, I think, at this point, I’d trade our sign for yours.

  6. Mary Maynard

    I say leave the sign alone — it’s the only thing in town that isn’t being “renovated.” A modest little post office next to a freeway deserves to be old. mmm