The Only One On The Road

John Hooper snapped this photo earlier this morning, on his way to open up Christie’s Country Store.

March 5, 2015 - John Hooper

It’s a beautiful shot. But we’d like it so much more if today’s date was January — not March — 5.


4 responses to “The Only One On The Road

  1. Rick Salomon

    Disagree. For us skiers this is the icing on the cake. Hope to see the same picture on April 5th as well. Always surprises me that people who live in the northeast complain about snow during the winter – it’s a bit like complaining about humidity in Miami during August.

  2. sandy johnson

    I’m to the point, that there is absolutely no beauty re this “stuff” falling from the sky !!! Even the Y delayed opening today , and they hardly EVER do that!

  3. sandy johnson

    Rick, your comment is correct as I say the same thing -“why am I still here when I hate winter!!!” I have friends who ski, so I know this is delightful for all you guys!! Have fun Oh, and you will NEVER hear me complain about any heat or humidity – so , yes , I should move south!!

  4. Susan Hopkins

    Admiring this beautiful photo from my “post” on the couch, sipping a lovely cup of tea.