Saugatuck Church Looks Ahead — And Back

Three years after a devastating fire, the Saugatuck Congregational Church is ready for its re-dedication ceremony. It’s set for this Sunday (March 8), with plenty of hope for the future.

And a special nod to the past.

A community-wide, inter-generational worship at 3 p.m. features Rev. Alison Patton, plus music by the Staples Orphenians, the Men’s Gospel Choir of First Congregational Church of Norwalk, and Saugatuck’s own youth and adult choirs.

Earlier — at 10 a.m. — Rev. Ted Hoskins returns as guest preacher. He served the church from 1971 to 1994.

That seems like a while ago. But it’s just an eye-blink in the long and storied history of the church, founded in 1832.

Tours of the newly reconstructed building begin at 1:45 p.m. Guides will probably mention that until 1950, it was located across the Post Road, and several hundred yards west.

Saugatuck Congregational has been through a lot, in 183 years. All Westporters welcome it back to its home — and wish it godspeed, for at least 183 more.

Saugatuck Congergational church

2 responses to “Saugatuck Church Looks Ahead — And Back

  1. Deb Holliday Kintigh, Staples '64

    What a glorious occasion and how marvelous that Ted Hoskins will be preaching ~ oh, how I wish I could be there to share in the celebration!
    The Saugatuck Congregational Church is such an integral part of the fabric of my life: my Dad was a Deacon, Sunday School teacher, and member of the choir….both Mom and Dad were on the Garden Committee….we shared Thanksgiving Dinner with fellow congregants in the Fellowship Hall, I was in the choir, Sunday School and Pilgrim Fellowship, and my brother, sister, and I were all married in the church, plus our older daughter was baptized there,
    Sweet, loving, cherished memories!

  2. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    I also wish I could be there to hear Ted preach. He was actually our youth minister when he was in Seminary before he came on board as minister. Saugatuck was a great church to grow up in . I was recently back there for a memorial service and it felt like I was “home”.