Hola, Tierra!

On Monday, an “06880” reader emailed that Tierra — the Latin-inspired restaurant in the basement of the old Town Hall — had closed. I called, but the phone just rang and rang. No answer; no message about hours, reservations — nada.

Yesterday afternoon around 2 p.m., I called again. Same thing.

I went down, to the alley entrance between Spruce and Restoration Hardware. The entrance was not well shoveled. I peered inside. All was dark. I took a photo.

This was the entrance to Tierra, yesterday afternoon.

This was the entrance to Tierra, yesterday afternoon.

I checked the website. It said, “Siesta menu daily, 3-5 p.m.” I looked for a Facebook page. There was none.

I posted a story saying Tierra was closed.

It drew 17 comments, about the food and service. Reviews were mixed. No one said, “no! It’s open!”

Tonight, WestportNow reports, Tierra was open for business. There’s a photo too (and a caption, saying they no longer serve lunch).

Tierra is definitely open.

But there’s still no sign outside.

7 responses to “Hola, Tierra!

  1. Susan Hopkins

    An obscure location and no sign. Hmm …

  2. Phenomenal marketing! Who needs a sign now? Bravo!

  3. Bart Shuldman

    Hopefully they will take all the comments and decide if they think they were helpful. You have to admit you cannot get that much marketing feedback for free

    And glad a much different restaurant is still open-sign or no sign.

  4. I recently heard good things about that restaurant and just today was trying to think of what the name was that I had heard, and what the unusual location was. Susan is right, it’s an obscure location with no sign! Yesterday noticing the Tracy Sugarman illustration that I have of that building still gave me no reminding clue, as something like that ordinarily would.

  5. bobbi essagof

    They obviously need to read 06880. Did they even know we all thought they were closed?

  6. I think something like this might have been nice: “I apologize to my readers for the misinformation. And to the owners and staff of the restaurant.” Mistakes happen, sure, but apologies should too.

  7. T. Mitchell

    It’s just a matter of time before they do close…..very mediocre food and service, not to mention a horrific ambiance. It’s as if you are eating in a basement dungeon complete with exposed bare walls. Not answering the phone, no recording and no sign….and that is while they ARE open ?