Jennifer Lawrence: She’s What Lynsey Addario Does

Jennifer Lawrence has beaten out Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman for the chance to be Lynsey Addario.

That’s because Steven Spielberg outbid George Clooney — and other big names — to snag the film rights to the Westport photojournalist’s memoirIt’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War.

Media reports say that Warner Bros is finalizing a big-ticket deal. The bidding war broke out after the New York Times Magazine excerpted compelling sections of what quickly became a best-seller. Addario details her work in combat zones around the world, from Afghanistan and Iraq to Darfur and the Congo — and the pregnancy that followed.

According to the Daily Mail, Addario met personally with some of the bidders. They were amazed by her story.

Sometime in the future, movie-goers around the world will be too.

Separated at birth? Jennifer Lawrence and Lysney Addario.

Separated at birth? Jennifer Lawrence and Lynsey Addario.

9 responses to “Jennifer Lawrence: She’s What Lynsey Addario Does

  1. Ellen Greenberg


  2. Dan Lasley (Laz)

    Very cool! Lynsey wasn’t looking for fame and fortune, but she’s certainly earned it.

  3. Johanna Rossi

    What an amazing Woman. I am going to purchase her book today.

  4. What does Steven Spielberg see in Jennifer Lawrence?

  5. Sandy Soennichsen

    I guess the tag under the last pics can’t have Lynsey’s name corrected. I wish her all the best, she is very talented and very brave for doing what she has done and will continue to do. Kudos to you Lynsey……hear ye, hear ye, hear ye. But might be able to do better than Jennifer Lawrence?

  6. camille addario

    nOnce again Dan Thank you for following up on my brave daughter
    Lynsey. Bottom line is doesn’t matter who plays Lynsey it’s what she
    has done and acheived that is important. It also portraits the couragious
    men and WOMEN journalist who risk their lives to bring visions to the
    world. Praise to all of them

    • Linda Greene

      Amen, Camille! It’s Linda Greene (Frank Auriemma’s wife). We are SO excited for all of you. Lynsey (and YOU, and your entire family) is simply amazing. How thrilled you must all be! Congratulations from Frank and me :).

  7. Caroline Sherman

    Sophia Loren should play Camille … and Big Yay to Lynsey.

  8. Sabra Gallo

    Amen to that Camille. Your daughter shines a light on people and stories the world would never know. Grateful that she does what she does. Can’t wait to see her story brought to the big screen and remind all of the important work of journalists.