A New Test For Westport’s Crack Drivers

To the long list of snow, ice and enormous, unseeable-around piles of congealed schmutz, add this hazard for winter drivers:

Cross Highway

That was the scene earlier today on Cross Highway. There are more cracks, potholes and buckled roads all around town.

That’s what happens when plows, salt and ice all come together, day after day after day.

The good news is: More snow is coming. So this will all be covered up again soon!

3 responses to “A New Test For Westport’s Crack Drivers

  1. Up in Vermont they post signs on roads warning to ice heaves. we seem to have plenty of them this winter here. thump-thump-thump!

  2. Ann Marie Flynn

    ‘Fraid it’s going to be a lot of moaning and groaning for my horse and buggy.
    I better put more hay in the bucket….

  3. Bart Shuldman

    The big question will be ‘what is the cost to repair the roads damaged by the snow and cold’ in Westport and how does it compare to the budget for such repairs. I believe most iin Westport can see the road damage and understand there is significant repair needed. Hopefully the rainy or should I say snowy day fund will cover it.